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A young officer in the Navy of Napoleonic France leads an exploration into the unexplored centre of Australia. They embark on an adventure that will take them outside of the boundaries of time and space. Giant man eating creatures, lost civilizations, magic, time travel, fabulous treasure and mortal danger are… Read More
Mava, Ae, and Nannah, three kid nature explorers, go on a mission to save the Amur Leopards. The task is hard, but the three girls are prepared with gadgets and gizmos. Join them on their natural adventure in Korea. Read More
When Russell, a pauper, meets Charles Daley, he is sent on an explorer's mission to the New World. On the ship he meets Charles Daley's daughter Lydia who, once before, has been to the New World. When she realizes that the amulet her father gave her is missing her and… Read More
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