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Gold or Silver? One represents achievement, success, wealth, and power, while the other is a passive mockery of someone who just felt short of. Step one to reaching the former, be rid of your heart for compassion is nothing more than a weakness, a chip in the system. For Silver… Read More
The Signal is a science fiction short story that deals with the human need for an escape and the sacrifices made for the greater good. Revealing society's faults by dividing a line between the hopefulness for progress or the inevitable downfall of humanity due to our own wrongdoings. A young… Read More
After a thousand years of hypersleep, a young, female alien with an identity crisis arrives on an eerily quiet, hauntingly beautiful planet (Rho) with an intense need to hunt and destroy. Read More
The year is 2008. A rich businessman named Victor Lynx is planning on taking a vacation with his family. When he arrives home, however, his family is mysteriously missing. He finds a note on his desk telling him to go to the basement. There, he finds his wife and his… Read More
Set in the present time, the story is about a computer programmer, Steve, who accidentally got captured in his own dream and when he woke up, it was a distant land, very alien to him. It's a different planet with a very advanced civilization. It features his quest in that… Read More
A man by the name of Mack Sanders finds himself at the center of a worldwide virus breakout that has plagued the lands and those responsible for it are not of this planet. He constantly comes in contact with many of the pre-stage infected who find themselves hallucinating as well… Read More

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The Fem-Fan-Sci-Fi House

Maybe they have better drugs. Read More
Kate Saunders is your average girl, she strived for great achievements throughout her life and always gave her best. Now, she has been chosen for a life changing role that many wanted with only 5 being chosen. In a world were more, more, more has become all we say, what… Read More
Finding something new can be both interesting and terrifying. The first contact between humanity and extraterrestrial intelligent life, and how our main character interacts with the reality that he is no longer alone in the universe. Read More
Available March 1, 2013 on amazon.com and bn.com (Barnes and Noble) Since the advent of flight and the infancy of the space program, there have been numerous accounts of UFOs and alien beings. But what about ancient times? Did people observe mysterious objects in the skies prior to the invention… Read More
Rachel visits a farmers market to try and win a competition against her brother, but she finds more than just vegetables await her. I wrote this story based on the premise that it had to include a farmers market, odd vegetables and an alien. Not the easiest subjects to fit… Read More
This is just an excert but i do hope you enjoy :) *I will be writing more.* I am younger so i just want opinions.. Read More
Earth, 100 years after first contact with an alien race. They could have wiped us out, taken our resources for their own. Instead, they chose something different... Now, in the 'peaceful' aftermath of the alien occupation, a group of friends discover that one of them bears a gene-strain that is… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Misfit. Unfit. Extraterrestrial. Read More
About 30 years ago, the adversities I experienced made me form a different view about the spiritual world. Since then, God and Jesus have revealed themselves to me multiple times to help me write the book, "The Great Truth," which includes viewpoints and visions that are very fundamental to life—an… Read More
In the near future, a group of space explorers are on their way to explore the cosmos, taking advantage of their new faster-than-light drive. Still, there are problems to be faced while being in outer space. Follow their story as they tackle a minor, but potentially serious problem as they… Read More
I never thought someone would ever see me that way. I never thought I'd feel this way towards anyone at all. I'm starting to fall. But it can't be. It will never be possible. He's not even human. He's not even from this world... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When Alexis is taken 190 light years away, she has no idea the life that awaits her. All she wants to do is return home to Earth, but instead she must wed the incredibly handsome prince who despises her very existence and then rule the alien planet of Dukereth. But… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A girl falls in love with a man from outer space. Read More
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