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January 21, 2018

Mo hovers tantalisingly between fantasy and reality, between horror and wonder. It describes how a young boy tries to find his way as family, friends, and strangers tug at his conscience with their conflicting demands. All the while a mysterious voice attempts to guide him. S Pearce's enigmatic tale skilfully… Read More
While sectarian tensions are plaguing the Middle East, a Ramadan feast held in Paris on July 2 displayed a unity of Muslims from across the world. Titled “Democratic and Tolerant Islam vs. Fundamentalist, Religious Dictatorship,” the conference was hosted by the Iranian resistance and attended by hundreds of Muslim dignitaries… Read More
Within this assignment I aim to look at the two rival factions; Extremist Muslim Groups and the English Defence League, who are both currently drawing national and international attention to the town of Luton. The actions of both of these groups are perpetuating a negative image of the town and… Read More
The aftermath of elimination of Osama Bin Laden saw the news of his death spread like wildfire. While the world rejoiced in unison, United States and their allies complimented each other for having successfully accomplished an act of retaliation against their arch foe no.1. For a moment it all appeared… Read More

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Halim grew up with his extended family in San Francisco. When he was just six his father moved Halim, his mother, and brother to a small town in northwestern Minnesota. As the only Muslim family in the whole town, Halim and his family became the target of harsh racism. At… Read More
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