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Summer 2014:Most people would consider it a curse but what's life without risk? I can speak to a dead Assassin and I go to Legacy Academy. There are these main Assassins and each one has a direct descendant that were all born the same year for a reason. We are… Read More
It sets place in Italy. Ezio Auditore da Firenze had tried to rebel against the king and stand for the citizens. He brings justice to all. I had trained myself hard to finally found myself invited to join the assassins after a huge tragedy. (Tribute to Assassin's Creed) Read More
Ezio Auditore, Master Assassin Goes on a journey of self discovery, following the foot steps of his ancestor, Altair. He goes to constantinople in search of the secret library, that holds all the knowlage of the apple of eden, a powerfull yet dangerous weapon and artefact. But there are others… Read More
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