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Don't be fooled by the apparent innocuous nature of cunningly devised propagandist deceit.... Read More
A story of a mysterious man that we get to know through various "sub stories" and real-time encounters. The more actions he commits, or flashbacks that he has, the better we understand him Read More

Book / Fantasy

January 28, 2016

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The House of Ghosts House

Sequel to 'The Black Marshal'. Luccin of the Raven Brotherhood has now parted from his leader, Tarlon, who is now presumed dead. Following the death of The Black Marshal a manhunt for Yuri ensues, who remains concealed. The emergence of a force known as 'The Chimera Legion' will see Krahzonia… Read More
This is the Introduction to the fantasy adventure "The Three Nations". Originally "The Crucible: Three Nations". An amateur short story in progress about one mysterious hero, Dern Dune, who has an apprehended ability to wield a powerful weapon no other can that won a glory of crusade. An evil that… Read More

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