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It's a story about false beliefs and our Lord & Savior...whatever that means. Read More
Up is down. White is black. A banana is an apple. An "alternative fact" is the truth. The truth is a lie. Our whole way of thinking about our country and ourselves as Americans has been turned upside down. Read More
Motivate yourself through my short write-up Read More
Some simple facts about socialism. Read More
I was looking back at what Republicans used to think, you know, when I was one. Read More

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Are fake facts more interesting than real ones? Why? Why Not? Cover image: pixabay.com Read More

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A short story inspired by the lyrics of 'They' by Jem. Cover image: pixabay.com. Read More
I finally finished it! I hope it helps those reading to make an informed, educated decision about kids -- however you choose. Read More
Please note: this is an opinion piece; I have no formal qualifications but I do have thoughts. Cover Image: Pixabay.com Read More

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Cover image: Pixabay.com Read More

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Lets look at the strange facts of this individual shall we. Anyone else would be locked up forever. ( This is just a little humor folks. No hate mail or reviews please ) Read More

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These interesting facts will definitely surprise you! Remember to like and shelf this book!!!! Read More

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Here is my English Class essay I reuploaded to Booksie. Read More

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March 19, 2018

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This is for anyone who has read my first novel, Stay Strong, in case you were curious about how far it has come since I started writing it at age 11. It's still a work in progress, and hopefully will be on the road to publication soon. Enjoy! :)… Read More
Many people see beauty based from appearances which brain washes our minds not to see it from within, we tend to see it physically than what it is from the heart and soul of a human being. Read More

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This is a book about the well known youtuber JackSepticeye find out true facts his date of birth and even more! Read More
Don't take for granted the life you've been blessed with Read More
I'm always after peace. The constant chase lead me to what I thought was peace in me, but news of a close brother/sister coming face to face with demons swallows all those vibes up for me. Change is powerful. Read More

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The difference between truth and fiction are often found in what one wants to believe; they can both hurt you. Read More

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Read at your own risk. Like Western Europe and the world at large, the US also has been indoctrinated to accept a historical record that conceals an astonishing, if not terrifying truth...The US may have a National Socialist absolute authority running it by 2021-22. According to the historical sequence already… Read More

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February 21, 2017

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Just a poem about the view of justice. Read More
there is a lot more to come in stranger things in the top 10 best series in 2017 (fact) so read more to know more Read More

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trues and beings Read More

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facts about peacocks and how they live Read More

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Deception worldwide is not believed, especially by Christianity not knowing of their own mislead through human doctrines and traditions; therefore the signs of the times as written in Matthew 24 are en-route with nations rising against nations,wars, famine, earthquakes -- and why these things must be. https://dochub.com/timesoftrouble Read More

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