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Galf, an evil fairy, must have the maximum power available in the horn of a unicorn. However, the protectors of such a beast cannot possible part with the animal because it represents their livelihood. The bad fairy now plans to kill the animal and hires an individual to do it.… Read More

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June 23, 2019

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A young girl nearly dies and is saved by a mysterious stranger. When she wakes up she remembers nothing about herself. She suddenly is thrust into an age-old fight between light and dark, where she is the ultimate pawn. Who is she and what is her connection to this… Read More
An exiled princess brought in to be his wife is the least of Neirin's worries. People and entire villages are disappearing. Supplies are running low. Fairytales seem to have come to life. Neirin didn't think he'd have to go on the journey of a lifetime to figure out how the… Read More
I am in the process of writing a fantasy novel with both human and faerie characters. The setting will be medieval Europe and Faerie. At present I am at the very beginning of the process, world building and developing characters. This piece describes the four main characters, and explains the… Read More
Book Four of the Jorthus series opens with our heroes separated and chaos dogging their heels, quite literally! Ravenous beasts hunt the lands for flesh and dark storms plague the seas. The world of Jorthus is ripping at the seams as her sister-world, Quorrelles, tugs at her orbit. Can the… Read More

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April 06, 2019

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Inspired by Jeff Bezaire's 'A Thursday Stroll' Short Story and my own personal love of fairies. Read More

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"What punishments, indeed. The fae are not to be taunted, for they have ways of righting such wrongs. Beautiful work, Vera Anne and I'm positive ..." Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Fairies from the east side of the Clear river are celebrating Ostara. While marching towards the river, little fairy Sorbus flies away and sits beside a butterfly on a branch of a tall tree. From there, she sees a couple of tall creatures fairies have run away from for years.Few… Read More
about war,power and women and many great power like reincarnation into a new world Read More

Tags: power, fairy, harem

This was written for my mother to read it to my daughter at night as her special bed time story. Read More

Tags: fairy

Angels are like diamonds. They can't be made, you have to find them. Each one is unique. Jaclyn Smith Read More
its about a girl who becomes the queen of the beautiful magical place and adventure that follows..... Read More
Vincent and his younger siblings present with metahuman qualities, odd blood, lack of fingerprints, and no clear origin. A passionate leader with a ruby box; superstrength twins with emerald twin boxes; a cat-boy hybrid with a pearl box; an electrified teleporter with a diamond box; a firestarter with a… Read More

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A story of two girls fates that will change the lives of many. This tale is about A young princess who's curiosity gets the better of her and ends up coming face to face with a living fae. Her previous beliefs shattered realizing the stories her mother told her… Read More
This story is about a magical arrow of fairy. Read More

Tags: prince, boy, fairy, arrow

Evie is a wingless fairy living in the world of Intia. Tired of being scorned by her kin, she runs far into the forest well past the boundaries of the fairies. She soon stumbles across her first friend and together they go through life in Intia, together. … Read More

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April 21, 2018

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Viola was 20 years old when she'd stop aging, giving her a radiant, pale, young, soft skin and lively green eyes. Lips in the color of light flesh and long hair in jade. For a succubus, she gives off an innocent look. Viola was different from other demonic beasts… Read More
there was a fairy fallen from stardust and by fate he made the prince to a boy. Read More
The angel fight with fairy to save the magician of magical world. Read More
There is a boy whose wish fulfil by the wishing well. Read More
There is door which takes magically to fairy land. Read More

Tags: animals, fairy, door

There was a man. who one day got the tail from the naughty behaviour of goblin? And feel bad luck. Read More

Tags: fairy, dwarf, goblin, a-man

There is an evil butterfly. Who uses the magic to does colourless to animal by stealing colour. So this was not liked by the magician and king lion of the Mebu jungle. Read More
There was a magical butterfly. Who lay their eggs in fairy land? Read More
The Lunar Court, a city of elegance and luxury, suited for only those of high class and those who care deeply about tradition. When one of the most sacred traditions of the city is broken, the life of Amaryllis Elityn changes forever. With the world she knew shattered and… Read More
There was a frog prince. Who was the frog prince of pond. and he had magic? There is an ancient book. Who saves the frog prince in his time? Read More

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A captured fairy dreams of escaping into a wartorn world to have the chance to live freely Read More
A metaphorical poem on the competitive nature of people and the stress that comes along it. I'm just an amateur writer, so be free to tell me how I can improve my writing! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I have more If you want, let me know... Read More
Larry the Scary Faiey is th story of a man whos dream is to become a fairy but couldn't because of how he looked but soon learns that his other talent make up for his apperance Read More

Tags: scary, fairy, larry

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