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basically the fairy tail plot in the eyes of my oc and maybe some extra stuff herre and there Read More
Team Natsu has a sleepover over at Lucy's apartment due to a heavy storm. But this sleepover was unlike any sleepover in history...this sleepover involved fire. armor, tons of ice, a talking cat, and celestial spirits. Will Natsu, Gray and Happy be able to survive Erza, and Lucy's drunken… Read More
What really happened to Hansel and Gretel as they traversed through those woods. Read More
_____ A long, long time ago... A girl named Kiyomi Shadowline was born. She wasn't born on Earthland, in fact; she was born in a dimension called The Shadow Dimension. Not many people know about it, but a lot of people live in it. Kiyomi isn't just a fellow Shadow-Girl,… Read More
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