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A Princess and a mirror, what might happen? Read More
Have you ever seen real dragon slayers. The one who can actually kill a dragon, unlike Natsu. Listen to the story of two strong indipendent women, who need to find their place in the family of the Fairy Tail guild. Can they make it work between them and all the… Read More
As some say immigrants are just trouble,well.....there right...sort of.Ruby Catan,a young yet bold Heroin..or something like that at least..Is leaving his homeland Xchito,to Samoin.And the rest,well you're going to have to read below... Read More
This girl lives and cares for dragons, only kills mages to fullfill her contract with the Dragon King Acnologia. Why is she doing and who can melt her heart? Read More
A witch who falls in love with a king who is not as he seems. But then, the witch is not as she seems, either...And this is the true beginning of one of the most popular princess tales of all time!? Read More

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June 15, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem dedicated to the one who made me cry even if it's only one chapter. Ultear- the one who controlled time Fairytail Read More
The whole new dimension of Fairy Tail, a new girl... or perhaps a Dragon Slayer appears? The story behind her will take you to confusion, sadness, happiness, or who knows you might even be shocked? This is the untold story of FAIRY TAIL. Read More
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