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This is a love song based on the fairy tale Read More
The story of a young girl who doesn't fit in, and how her life changes when she makes a new friend. Not a strict fantasy, since it has no magic, no mystical creatures, etc., but the setting feels other-worldly; perhaps better described as a modern fairy tale Read More
Castle of Dreams and the Dragon Princess is the first of other chapter books to come from author David Michael Walsh. This fairy tale story is about two young people of different social status, a prince and a chamber maid's daughter. Both growing up in the time of castles, magic… Read More
“The world has so many wonders for us to see; may it be in pain or happiness, for as long as you keep the faith within.” A story about faith, dream and love… Read More
Most turnips aren't golden. Most turnips can't talk either, but Peter knows one that can. And it also happens to be golden! Read More
You all know the story. Innocent Little Red Riding Hood getting eaten by the mean old wolf. But what if she wasn't so innocent after all? Read More
Lipstick, a fish, lives in a fish bowl. And then, everything changes. "A Fish Called Lipstick" is partly autobiographical, a whimsical look at my own personal growth. Lipstick is named after the late Lipstick, a fish my nieces once had. Read More

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What happened when Tay, the fire elemental and the Leo of the zodiac runs into Striker Gale Read More
A whimsical poem I wrote in the spring of 2014, all based on something I saw that gave me the thought of: children being kept under control so much to behave, that they can get irritable and obnoxious, until they are able to get outside and play, where they are… Read More

Book / Fantasy

April 21, 2014

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There is darkness in the balance of magic. The sky is changing, and Astra must die to set it to rights, but nobody truly deserves to die for something that they had no power to control. Lost in the world of ghosts and men, a way to save the sky… Read More
I just want to say thank you so much to anyone who reads this! It means so much to me! ~Danni Read More
In our world, Cecilia Van de Kamp is nothing special. In Felando, however, she is the difference between freedom and oppression. But the question remains: Which side is which? Read More
One photo and her destiny changes. From a commoner who gets everything with actions to a Princess who gets everything with words. Read More
A fairy tale of sorts... Written for ChristinaNicole's writing circle at weeklywritingprompts.weebly.com, check it out. Read More
What happens when you throw the Magical World of Disney together? Well, you get this shenanigan..... Read More
This is one of my more recent pieces, it is the tale of a young lass named Sonny Watermellon who desperately wants to impress the neighborhood hottie, Alexander Alexander? And just how does she do it? Read on and find out! Read More
A modern fairy tale of an adventurous life of a 'Bout mouse - the bravest rat of all, is a charming, yet somehow cheeky story full of philosophy and real life lessons for children of all ages, yet suitable read for an adult as well. Read More
Decided to do something different. So, heres my short story. i`ll add more when I think its actually turning out good. Hope you read it.. and enjoy it. Read More
Decided to do something different. So, heres my short story. i`ll add more when I think its actually turning out good. Hope you read it.. and enjoy it. Read More

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Perhaps the solutions to seeing things others don't are (1)to keep away from them and (2)to keep quiet. Simple as that. Cake. Easy. Even a cow can do. But, well, ah... dammit... HUGE MISTAKE... Read More
A modern reworking of the classic fairytale Little Red Riding Hood, for a project on feminist fairytales. Read More
A simple poem that offers a more sadder alternate ending to Snow White. No Pince Charming to the resuce this time! Read More
A fairytale about the little fox who desperately wanted to be able to fly Read More
This began as a writing exercise: We all drew certain elements of a story from three different cups (character, setting, conflict) and had to create a short piece of fiction based on what we drew: Character: Dr. Wanda Smith Conflict: Your character just lost someone Setting: A fairy tale of… Read More
Cristina (Charley) McMillan was born in a small cabin to a poor family in medieval times. Headstrong and stubborn, she joins an all-boys jousting school at a young age, leaving a trail of heartbroken girls all in love with the boy they think she is. However, when a rich stranger… Read More
A modern take on Beauty and the Beast, written for FrootLoop246's contest. Read More

Poem / Fantasy

August 04, 2013

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have you ever wished upon a star? or wondered why the idea would ever have come to someone to even try to wish upon a star? Read More
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