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The sky was red that night, red as the dirt below, the cannons had wrung out their last blasting sounds of glory. The stage set and the characters playing the part as the small golden spark glittered across the ground. It was searching, searching to give her teardrops that would… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a story of how a rich lord's daughter was kidnapped. Read More
Crossover between Doctor Who and Cinderella. Better than it sounds. :) Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

not many people will understand this, but it expresses my feelings of abandoning my child self, alone and waiting for a prince who never came, and I don't care Read More
This is a sort of fairytale. Elle, in her last moments, recalls The Archer. This is her dream. Read More
'It's kind of hard to explain..but, they only way I can put it is..I'm not exactly..human.' Xria is a strange creature from a strange world who has been transported to the dark side of space. She tells her heartbreaking tale of survival, and also about loved ones she lost on… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a satirical fairy tale that will only make complete sense to two people. Thr six characters are "caricatures" of people that she and I know. Feel free to read anyway as there is a general theme of love conquers all that will relate to anyone. However, this fairy… Read More
Green Ice is a princess who grow up by a Trees King named Alessander Brillian Trees. He loves Green Ice as his own daughter and loved more than the others. King Trees had three daughters named Gloria, Sunnia, and green ice. One day, when Green Ice get 10 years. she… Read More
Do you ever dream of being somewhere else, and do you create your own Neverland well this is mine. Read More
It was dark, really dark; you know the dark where you can’t even see your feet unless you go under one of those bright fluro humming orbs. The tale of Red Riding Hood with a of a futuristic twist on the original tale that has a rather gruesome ending. Read More
A poem about losing my dad to cancer Read More
I kinda thought about this after listening to Wonderland. I dont know who it's from, but I love the song. :) Read More

Poem / Other

December 03, 2012

Every girl is a princess you may not believe it is. At first i didn't believe it either but read this poem and find out how to be a princess or a prince if your a dude. Read More

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You know the story of The Little Mermaid. You\\'re familiar with it. But what if everything was switched around? That question has now been answered (at least, partly). Please enjoy a modernized twist to The Little Mermaid. :) Errik knows it\\'s forbidden to love a human. They\\'re dangerous, and unpredictable.… Read More
Annabella Hunt works at the Disney world theme park in Orlando, Florida. She works as some different famous Disney characters. Although at the famed theme park she lives an idolized, fairy tale life, at home and at school she is mistreated and misunderstood. Meeting a famous boy is a hope… Read More
The Collection Foreword In celebration of the part the wer’s have played throughout the history of Ralvamore, Lord Drowth of Glame decreed for all Werish ways and happening to be collected forthwith by his kin for years untold. And so became an assortment of heroes and adventurers, beasts and knights… Read More
Well, at school we were studying gay rights, and my good friend Frood pointed out that there were no gay fairytales, and I thought, well, hey, I'll write one. This is my first attempt at writing something like this and I made it up in about five minutes so don't… Read More

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This is my slightly more contemporary version of the classic fairy story The Three Little Pigs, with a little of my weird sense of humour thrown in for good measure... Read More
Rapunzel with a dark twist. Rapunzel was a raised by a witch who so desperately wanted a child and must have grown up under the witch's adoration. How would she who grew up convinced of her own greatness react when told that she was a poor farmer's child, given up… Read More
A girl becomes the interest of the king. When it is realised that she has no intention of marrying him, he demands her capture from everyone in the Kingdom, everyone who loved the girl before no longer showed mercy. This story follows Claudia in search of her survival and love. Read More
Aria Carlson believes in fairy tales. Jordan Griffin, her brother Adam’s best friend, has been that fairytale since she was fourteen years old. Now that they’re going to the same college and are even in the same class, she decides this is her chance. But will her perfect fairytale ending… Read More
This is a story about a girl, Kavya, who finds school learning tough. Her lack of interest in reading and grades seem beyond her control but she is a brave-heart and a Supergirl in her own world. She is one of the rare children who are born as Beamers. Just… Read More

Book / Fantasy

July 10, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

What if the lie was actually the truth? Manna Black is an 18 year old human girl, she was living an average life until the one fateful day when she gets summoned into the Legion. A society where beings of all of the seven dimensions come together. Vampires, angels, demons,… Read More
This story is about Pub Mobdoo. A fat, little( even for Dwarf standards) dwarf who has been raised in a city of warriors, on the edge of a volcano. The people in this village, called Shoopdawoop, are warriors, sturdy ones. And they do not think well when it comes to… Read More
This short story is a glimpse of my other stories I have written, some are based on wacky characteristics of my crazy life, some are just waxky in there fairy tale way. This short story is indeed based on how I meet my fiancee and the unusual little things that… Read More
I believe in miracles, and that they can even exist in people, especially the ones who are held dearest to your heart. Read More
This is a story I wrote two or three years ago. It was originally a 6-page writing assignment -- "modified fairy tale." I went a little overboard and wrote 13 pages. I had to cut a lot or risk getting graded down, but I enjoy the original far better. Anyway...… Read More

Book / Young Adult

June 22, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Danielle seems to have it all, nice house, money, private schooling, and no soul. After her fathers death she is no longer content to play the part of the innocent little rich girl, but is she ready for what is waiting? Read More
Life is not what it seems like everything is not what you think it is. Once you grow you see the world in a different light. Read More

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