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Where I look to find peace. Another sign of the goodness of God. Read More
Give me a minute, Just a moment, Hold on, I'm too busy for this. Have you ever felt this way. Do you feel this way too often? Have you considered this from the other side? Read More
I have strong faith, and I come from a family that has produced many ministers, pastors and clergy. However, I write about what I have seen, what I have heard, what I have lived. And there are no silken purple robes big enough or thick enough to cloak the hypocrisy… Read More
Faith and religion, two topics that can unite or divide. Each one of us the arbiter of our own divine design. Faith and religion, like water and fire – dissimilar and contradictory in every way. And, after a lifetime of living, I feel both drenched and scorched, by the gospel… Read More
Part two of the short story, Crom Dubh, still hasn't been given a title. John is kinda wondering about somethings and so is Dubh... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Tentative working title. I have been editing for some time and was kinda scared to post but this is in a few parts and this is part one. Crom Dubh is a delivery driver, one of heavens best until he meets John. Read More

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A tribute to the greatest love. It is a free gift in which to invest one’s heart. This is from a collection of poems to be compiled into my next book, Anchors of Faith. Read More
A Christian can build up his faith. Read More

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A short poem about waiting for the Bridegroom. Is she one of the foolish virgins or wise? This was published as part of my book, TURNING THE HEARTS. Read More
A young man about to be hanged resists redemption offered at the last minute. Read More

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April 25, 2023

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The Booksie Classic House

Featured Review by Mike Grimes

"Fantastic poetry. Well done!" Read More

Jeanne Boulet is a young woman living in rural France in the 1760s. She has time to think while she watches the sheep, but maybe she should pay more attention… Read More

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April 12, 2023

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The Free Verse House

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A thinly veiled allegory about Dismas, one of the men crucified alongside Jesus Read More
Just a moment, wait a minute, are these your go-to comments when interrupted? How does it feel to be on the other end? Read More
CHARLIE: She was as bad as he was, I heard her at the end whisper “I knew you were going to be good for her.” like I needed a matchmaker. Sam and I were getting along just fine. Sometimes, we’d get it on in the hay. I didn’t know much… Read More
Thursday Morning Word of Encouragement Read More
If you are struggling in your faith-walk because you have been hurt by others, know that you are not alone. You are very much on the heart of God. It is my prayer that by reading this book you will find hope and courage that leads you back to a… Read More
Under the baobab tree is where I lay down. I rested in the shadows under that giant tree for years. I rested there often for convenience and simply out of fear. Read More
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