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Tanya Gray, a young college graduate, joins the shocked refugees seeking shelter from the approaching nuclear nightmare. They find it deep inside Crystal Temple, a high-tech underground fortress, designed to survive the nuclear fallout. But Tanya soon discovers dark and terrible secrets about Crystal Temple and joins a rebel movement.… Read More
Sidewalks is a shorty written in the context of the Fallout universe, an incredibly popular game franchise owned by Bethesda. The story follows a man on the morning of The Great War, and provides a glimpse into his inner thoughts and struggles in the moments leading up to nuclear… Read More
Welcome to the world of Fallout. Where a retro-futuristic, nuclear and robotized world full of tension, war and pressure eventually unfolds in apocalyptic proportions. A full-blown nuclear war starts and ends the world as everyone knows it in the year 2077. This story follows one man who just barely… Read More
The beginning of a series of short series based on the Fallout series. The book is set in Pheniox Arizona in a underground safe house called a Vault. (This is the short story to kick of the series and is part of my 1000 word short story challenge I'm… Read More

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Beneath the irradiated land of the once great nation of America one bunker community has defied all odds and maintained their secluded society for the better part of two hundred years. But with tensions building and lines being drawn between new factions, how much longer can the peace be upheld?… Read More
A bunch of stories based off Fallout 4 Read More
Jason and his friend Christoper were normal children like you and I. Their world though was not the same one we have grown to see and experience as theirs is under nuclear threat so much so that nearly every household has a bunker. Jason though thinks nothing of the threat… Read More
Fallout: New world is a fan sequel to Fallout 4 that follows Nate Howard (the Sole Survivor) as he tries to keep control of the now ever expansive United Settlements of America (Born from the Minutemen) And Piper Wright as she seeks to destroy it. The story is split into… Read More
A journal is found labeled "The Documentation of a Dead World" by a survivor in the Alaskan Wasteland. Jessie Cadwell, a 23 year old women with no family left fights for survival against all odds, but when she finds a journal of a man who survived the fabled Great War… Read More
Recounting their odd encounter with famous app and game series: Fallout Shelter, the speaker explains some odd occurrences they found hidden within the app. Read More

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In 2003 nuclear bombs were launched worldwide, most of the population was either killed or mutated. Follow a survivor by the name of Johan Shire, a former Marine, who takes a huge risk to find his squad mates. WARNING: Strong language, violence, depictions of alcohol use, firearms, death, and horror.… Read More
A boy by the name of Sashka is faced with trials of friendship, purpose, and fate. When a nuclear fallout destroyed the Division of sector 225 his family was driven underground. Sashka is the result of life after the event and lives in the year 110 P.F. (Post Fallout) in… Read More
A tale of a traveler in the wastelands. Read More

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After the events of 2121, humans can no longer dwell on the radioactive surface of the Earth. Sequel to SCARLET BEAST and GENESIS. Continues in DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE. Read More
This is a book about a travelling ghoul telling his story to a native of the Capitol wasteland. THE IMAGE USED FOR THIS BOOK WAS MADE BY RISKCOMICS. THEIR TWITTER: https://twitter.com/RiskComics Read More
After a Nuclear experiment gone wrong, Deena awakens to find the world she once knew had changed for the worse. Whilst trying to piece together her memories she decides to go out and look for other survivors but along the way she is confronted by mutated creatures and people driven… Read More
Madeleine Moody is a young girl who has been empowered in a world of devastation and Black Rain. Nuclear fallout has callously ridden America, leaving millions in refuge underground in vaults. There's a potential danger to Vault 9, involving creatures who have been mutated by excess radiation, poisoned water, and… Read More

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March 24, 2014

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Laywick, a Rogue Angel from Haven has spent his many years as a pruifer on earth and now comes into contact with a human like never before. Trapped in a safehouse with a demon that he had been hunting for many years now, Laywick faces ultimate fears and decisions that… Read More

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March 05, 2014

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Draining blood from my forearms into my dying wife's mouth will only keep her alive for so long... Read More
The war only lasted two hours. Some debate it was over within the first ten minutes. Though no one knows for sure. But that was four-hundred years ago. The world isn't over though. The Great War only brought humanity into another bloody chapter of history. Now only one thing mattered;… Read More

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After the nuclear war with North Korea I truly have no idea how there is any trace of man kind left on the planet. But those who died during that battle that lasted no longer than a few hours were the lucky ones. They were subjected to instant deaths, and… Read More
This a preview of my new novel: Fallout North. This one will NOT be posted on Booksie as it is one: still in the beginning stages and two: I want to try this as my first published novel. Fallout North is a story about survival of Nuclear War for a… Read More
Ranger 13, or Lucky, is an NCR Ranger veteran. For 24 years, he served the NCR as a ranger on stand by until they got shipped out recently. Being on a reserve for such a long time, lucky has only just started seeing action as a veteran at his 20… Read More
Fallout: The Lone Wanderer evolves around first an American president who promises to do what's best and to save America completely with the underground vault idea. We then follow a young boy named Lucas who grows up in a vault with his two best friend's Diego and Alan which later… Read More
A description of the deserted city of Pripyat at different times of the day - written for GCSE English practice. Read More
This is a poem i wrote when my father and me had a fallout. What hurt the most was that we was very close. To have a fallout with someone who you are very close to is very heart breaking. Read More
The Introduction of my story, if you want the rest of the novel please comment. Read More
A young child is forced to survive after a nuclear Fallout with his best friend. This will test their friendship and surviving skills. Read More
this is just a random story i'm writing. i decided to put my own little twist on the game Fall Out. i hope you guys enjoy. i may of more not continue this. depends on how much feedback i get. Read More
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