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Not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Sharlene Cunning-ham is a mediocre individual working for a successful jewelry company. Known as the errand girl of her boss, although she is a private secretary, she is a studious, hardworking, and excitingly bubbly person. Dramatic, Sharlene is a born professional… Read More
In Blood Ties: A kiss of life Vanessa, a beautiful Vampire, finds Marty, a young man close to death. As she offers him life and they build a future together, a future that eventually produces Violet, their daughter they embark on a long journey together. As with all journeys, it… Read More

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Steph is loving life as a kiwi girl. Wandering the Ferndochty forests, exploring the creaks and painting the mountains has always meant the world to her. Until now. Steph must step into the real world and fend for herself, away from the safety of the Damsby township. Will she live… Read More
Diamond travels back home to get the truth about her family. Note: The location and currency are fictional. Read More
Reflecting on my father's death Read More

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Siblings Articus and Jeremyah Flint spent eight years on the road seeking answers about their true parentage and their peculiar abilities. Along their journey they learn about themselves and how to be good siblings. They create a family for themselves. Now they're returning to their hometown, where they discover that… Read More

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May 10, 2021

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Kyle has been released from prison and is looking to make amends with Cassie and Xavier. He's been attending counseling for his anger management issues and is even seeing someone new. When he comes back into Cassie's and Xavier's lives, he has to prove himself a changed man. But is… Read More
This is written about an influential person in my life. Read More
Dedicated to Agnes Marie Johnson (1948-2013) who passed away on March 6, 2013 Read More
When Bethany awakens in the hospital, she decides that it's her prerogative to find out why the shooting happened in her church and struggles to forgive the people who placed her there. Read More
A family notices a change in their father after returning home from battle. Read More
Violet and Ember Prentiss stumble acreoss thier parent's laboratory. They discover many interesting trinkets there and go on a wild escapade full of excitement and danger. Read More
Should one silly mistake ruin your life? Well, that depends on whether anyone gets hurt, surely. What if you make the same mistake years later and this time the consequences are lifechanging?. That is the situation faced by Daisy and her relationship with her sister Rose. A short book about… Read More
A tale of life, death, love, and a lot of blood. When faced with certain death, Marty finally finds the woman of his dreams in the intriguing Vanessa. All too late for Marty and typical of how life had dealt him this bad hand. But Vanessa offers Marty more than… Read More

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Four noble houses have been known throughout the entirety of the kingdom of Silverton for quite a long time, but the fourth house has recently vanished, and its disappearance is still a mystery. A musician named Vaughan and his sister, Ariana took refuge at the mansion of one of the… Read More

Book / Non-Fiction

April 30, 2021

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An 11-year-old boy is living a happy childhood. He had a loving mom and Dad. He has friends and is respected and liked at school. He loves playing football and helping his mother cook. He thanks God every night for the blessings he has. This was until his life was… Read More

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This story is about two women. Pam Wilson is tired of her mom and sister interfering in her life. Pam wants to get away. Pam’s dad pays for her and brother David to take a cruise. Pam meets Ben Stewart. Ben also wants to get away from his mother and… Read More
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, occasions, events, and occurrences are the items of the writer's imagination. Any similarity to real people, living or dead, or genuine occasions or actual events is simply coincidental. Thank You. Summary: The son of the wealthiest businessman in Dhaka escapes… Read More

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Having endured over a year restricted of their freedoms from the COVID-19 pandemic, the husband a teacher, son a virtual student, and wife a nurse practitioner, decided to get away, a surprise ultimately to greet them at their mountain cabin retreat in South Carolina. Read More

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Angel, a child prodigy and master of various martial arts, is anything but your typical 23-year-old attorney. A survivor of two kidnapping attempts and a witness to an assault, she has made it her mission to get justice for those the criminal justice system ignored. For years, Angel has been… Read More
Reading Level: Middle Grade (8 years and up) The Simmons family is the most well-respected in the kingdom of Woodhill. They host amazing balls and parties and invite everyone over. Their lives are immensely happy, and their days are filled with the wonder and beauty of nature, especially the children's.… Read More

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When twins are born their souls are braided together. When tragedy strikes, when one is lost, their souls are split. ~ How can one convince people the other isn’t dead? How can the other survive in a harsh world? ~ This is a story about family, friends, pirates, a cat… Read More
There are different kinds of family Read More

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written by randle episode 1 i was seating on my usual spot on campus when i actually noticed a girl and a boy holding hands in a lovely and captivating manner while i was enjoying my plastic coke and gala. i smiled as i watched this two lovers who i… Read More

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What is it like to grow up as the scapegoat in an abusive family, and how does it feel to experience bullying from your own family members? In this book, I write about the experience of the scapegoat in an abusive family, as well as how to recover and rise… Read More

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Poetic afterthought Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Life is not always the way you wished it to be sometimes it is worst than you ever imagined and so was the life of Emily Read More
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