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Enter into my mind as I share the most bizarre thoughts and dreams as well as share personal experiences. Read More
Being a mother is the best thing in the world, but nothing prepares you for it What do you do when your son is different from other boys? What do you do when he does not want to be older? What do you do when he does not want to… Read More
This is the story of my life. Through the stories I remember and those I have been told I try to overcome the childhood I did not have and struggles to become a productive person. Read More
You have you break the cycle of abuse yourself. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Xavier or X goes on a worldwide adventure saving different supernatural species in a bid to show them all that family is anyone or everyone, through their adventures they discover government plots, Primordial beings set on destroying their world but most importantly a fight with their own personal demons in… Read More
I wrote this not long after my pop passed away. He was born in 1926 and he was full of stories. I wanted to write them down and continue to share them with future generations. Read More

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The choices you make in life are the ones you live with Read More
Ever wonder how lynching trees come to be -- how they are selected for such use -- just look at Family Trees -- and the answer becomes clear. Read More
After an inappropriate moment with a prison guard, all one can do is write...the undeserving remains ever-hidden: Read More
The episodes continuing there are seventy-two episodes, and I write them weekly Read More
Rhonda and Chealsea are two friends who find a creepy place and end up stuck inside. Along the way they meet some new friends, including a runaway cat, and the biggest cuddliest dog on the planet. This world is a fantasy, where magic and danger are always the same, nothing… Read More
Anna and the Dream catcher is a simple story dedicated to my beautiful, over-achieving, master-of-early-childhood-development daughter that as a child was convinced that if she had a bad dream, it was because her dream catcher was full. Always fighting sleep because she wanted to stay up and read, I had… Read More
These episodes are from a continuous story of marty and his family and friends, their adventures, family situations, and his friend's life and adventures. There are seventy + episodes of this story, and I am still adding episodes weekly. These are just five of them. The link for this story… Read More
Will humans destroy the earth? Or will we be able to live in harmony with nature? Read More
All things that were meant to be secrets come to light as Cara finds herself intertwined with people she never would have before. Read More
Remembering.., Read More
I wrote this poem to my parents to explain why I was searching and to assure them I love them. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Always the new girl, Theresa Beatrice Delaware can never seem to find her groove. That all changes, though, when she meets Dominick Gryphon. At first glance, Tess - an honors student with perfect attendance - and Dom - a carefree, do-whatever-he-wants musician - appear to be complete opposites, but they… Read More
Mira is one of the unluckiest girls on Earth to be raped. She survived though. But then, what should she do with the fruit of the terrible act in her belly? What is going to happen to her? Will life show her a bit of light or total darkness? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Caspian is in trouble. He's been tasked to track down the rebellion that plans to kill the royal family, including himself. He's been sent undercover with no idea what to do, or where to look. Soon he meets a beautiful peasant girl named Aliana. As the stakes grow higher, he… Read More

Book / Fantasy

April 17, 2023

When the world becomes overpopulated and foster care organizations exceed their limit. The National Dissociation Services created a plan to separate families who have multiple children and send them to different dimensions by the age of five. When Daisy, was adopted by the True family, she began to have dreams… Read More
When Royal Maidens reach their sixteenth birthday, they are betrothed to their future husband. Katherine, the granddaughter of the King, is turning sixteen and she cannot wait to see who she will get but he best friend, who does not want to get married is chosen. Arias doesn’t like Marriage… Read More
Why did they take her from me? Why did they put me in this strange place where everything is so big and shiny and I'm surrounded by all these strange people who took me from my mother? Read More
The street is flooding, grounds are crumbling, and houses are shaking. The fourth night looks cursed for the society, especially for Amelia who is going through the fight between her brother and father, and the effect of the storm to their worn-out house. Is she living her worst night ever… Read More
This is a poem about my second son, Van. I will post my poems about my other children soon! Read More

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April 09, 2023

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