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The sequel to War Dads. After a terrible car accident leaves Jill and her family devastated, she and her family begin to put the broken pieces of their lives back together again helped out by the most unsuspecting and unlikeliest person of all; the person who caused it. Read More
War Dads is a unique and poignant story given the current events and public sentiment. It is a fast-paced tale of a tormented woman reporter, who accidentally kills a man in self-defence on her way home from work one night. She soon discovers that the man was a war vet… Read More
Anita is often subjected to marital abuse - physical as well as mental - by her husband. Their only son has often to face ill-treatment at the hands of his father. This makes him timid and reticent by disposition but nevertheless, he is very good in studies. By dint of… Read More
Kishan has a son born to him out of wedlock after he elopes with a married woman to Myanmar, where they both live secretly for four years. He comes back to his parents after the death of his paramour. His parents happily accept his son Rishi as their grandson.… Read More
Vishal Chadha marries Isha, who happens to belong to the family known to him. They are blessed with a lovely son. Isha falls in love with a colleague - Kartik and they decide to marry. When she informs Vishal about it, he goes into an emotional tailspin. On assessing… Read More
He makes me share his secret. I’m going to kill him. I can, ‘cos I’ve done it before. Only that time, I didn’t mean to. Sam Morgan is a typical eleven year old, until his mother Jennifer’s breakdown. His world changes when she comes out of hospital and he is… Read More
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