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Sometimes we become rigid in our ways and we realize that the more important things in life have gone away. And sometimes its too late to get back the lost. The man in this short story has his own rigid ways and what is left to be seen is if… Read More
Yet another old story. I haven't been writing much, not that I don't have any ideas, I just can't seem to force myself to do it. Read More
All secrets have a breaking point. A dangerous kind that Brandon never thought he'd be apart of. A baby was all he and his wife, Savannah wanted, but Savannah was everything his brother, Brian, needed to get! And with every secret and betrayal, every lie for selfish gain, the one… Read More
Just started to write on my first novel ever:) I love reading crimes and I love creating stories in my head so I thought I would give writing a go! this is the first sequence of "The Brightmore secrets"...Enjoy! Read More
A story of the residents of Gibson City and their intertwined drama. It starts out with the murder of one of the wealthiest families in town, and continues to grow into much more! Read More
A review of the family drama Mother's Milk by Edward St Aubyn Read More
Emma appears to have everything. A rich husband who dotes on her, a beautiful home and two adorable children. When Emma discovers a gun hidden in her wardrobe, she sets out to find out what her husband is really all about. Her investigations uncover a whole new world built on… Read More
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