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The Booksie Classic House

...we went to good schools, that's Financial Support, and as much thankful I'm for everything they gave me, there was never the emotional support. that, "follow your dreams" i never heard that "be who you are", "who you are is enough". Because i wasn't.. Read More
Since the begining of the year he's bullied her. Not once has she even tried to fight back. Since the strange nightmare he had, he can't stop thinking about her and now she's standing up for herself. ~ AJ leant down so he was eye level with her. “Someone’s got… Read More
Michael was just an ordinary man living in Manhattan, that couldn't pay his bills. He woke up one morning sensing something was wrong, and in fact, something was. With a world set in an alternate reality in the wake of a nuclear war, with multiple monopolies in control, and 9/11… Read More
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