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Sorry I have been on hiatus. I will continue the journey and even a mock series if it becomes as popular as Volume 3. Please remember I am always open to comments and suggestions because you're opinion matters a lot to me. I wouldn't continue this series without the… Read More
Long it hath been foretold That a great power One shall hold To keep the world from certain death And stay the Gods’, their final breath Then shall come an Enemy great To wipe the world as a slate The Enemy then shall fall Underneath the One’s… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A Wings of fire (Tui t. sutherland) fan fiction about 2 hidden tribes... Read More
A fan fiction about two of my best friends, Zach and Ceci. but let me point out I'm only writing this because I think they are so adorable together! This fan fic tells the story of how they met, how they got together, and how I got inspired to write… Read More
This piece will be a Fan-Fic about Pokemon SoulSilver, but Filled with my own plot twists and characters. Based loosely of a recent Nuzlocke i just recently finished. We will be following the journey of Robert Smith as he tries to clear his father’s name, and defeat his longtime friend… Read More
This is basically what I would want Lion King III to be...In my opinion, it would be awesome! :P Read More
(Disclaimer: I do not, nor will I ever, own Harry Potter. I just wanted to play with the characters for a while.) I thought I would just add the disclaimer, but Please read!! Read More
After falling out with Sam on Christmas Eve, Dean is visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, but can they help him to see things more clearly before it's too late? (TWO PART SHORT STORY) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AUTHOR NOTE: This isn’t a hunt story, its just a fun… Read More
Based on the hit TV show Supernatural. My take on what happens after season 3 finale; "No Rest For The Wicked". Spoilers may be present for those who have not yet watched season three - you have been warned! Sam and Bobby are left heartbroken after losing Dean, but are… Read More
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