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*Based on the art work of Indonesian Deviantart artist, Thunderyo* The year is 3,600 BC. The kingdom of Atlantis has come under siege from the Abyss. A powerful empire of sea creatures whom they have been at war with for a hundred years. The advanced city has been overrun and… Read More
Isla Kiers, a young Breton woman hailing from High Rock, journeys to the lands of Skyrim in search of her estranged father. A man who she has little memories of that stepped out of her life when she was a small child. Her journey brings nothing but one problem after… Read More
This is Fanfic for Choices: Bad Boy Romance after book 1. You don't need to read/play it because I set it some years off. It just basically provides some better background for the MC/Ellie relationships. Spoilers are below for a quick backdrop. I used the default name Ellie Wheeler for… Read More
A fanfic of the Dragon Age game series. This particular work is combining the 6 different origin stories from Dragon Age: Origins into one big adventure. Read More
Hello to whoever may be reading this. I just want to say that this is discontinued in a way. What I mean by this is, I will be remastering this book. Due to the fact that i have gotten way better at writing then I once. And it's just a… Read More
A broken half-ogre warrior follows a voice in his mind to reclaim a series of artifacts. Read More
A warrior leads his Master's army against a deviant Witch-cult. Read More
a sequel to the movie (1984) of the same name: concept story. Read More
A story about going on an adventure and finding out about one the most pressing questions in life: what is love? Set in a fan fictional realm. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A sudden magnetic storm erupts in the night over northern China. The fabric of time and space is slowly torn open and out from the rippled opening spews a jet, crash landing in the desert. Onboard are four souls, two of each gender. They come to realize that they are… Read More
All players of Epic Tavern know about Wilbur Winterflame, Beor's Santa Claus. But few know the ancient tale of The Winterflame, and how it came to be. In the youngest of days, the last creation of the Gods - humans - faced extinction due to the murderously cold True Winter.… Read More

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December 02, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

Five boys are brought together by fate and discover magic island, but something happened to the island the magic has been drained and they were forced to leave, they forgot about the promise to the star and move on with their life's only to meet again not remembering each other,… Read More
Paul Atreides is a boy who lives on the planet Dune. With his future in doubt, he attempts to fight the sand monsters, as Lady Jessica has plans for him. Read More
A Young Aspiring Actress Falls in Love with an Australian Boy, Until He Mysteriously Vanishes, Will She ever see Him again, She meets other people too. Read More
The magical antiquities shop, Morbid Curiosities, is seriously damaged by an arcane tornado, setting loose a priceless collection of Godifacts: items crafted by Beor's Gods and imbued with a bit of their powers. The most dangerous of these is the God of Blarney and Mischief's Banana. While crafting it, the… Read More
Based on the anime. This magical world different races are in conflict. The ogres despise humans. One seeks vengeance on the human traveler Sally. To them a monster herself. words - 3750. Read More
Tasuil Beor Crime Boss, the dwarf Clive Wespie, has escaped the Very Deep Dungeon. The House of Many Tots, with some assistance from the Understudies, embarks on an ambitious plan to help the town's street children escape the clutches of Wespie's gang of teenagers. Wespie will do anything to maintain… Read More
Ungar, a good-natured Orc, has yet to find a job that he's good at. As Fate would have it, the King of Tasuil Beor needs a Hero to slay a beast that is known as the "Horrible, Awful Thing." Scores of adventurers have tried, and died miserably. A rare survivor… Read More
Epic Tavern's menu features Netherchicken wings. There are reports of huge eggs appearing on Beor's main roads, hatching hideous monsters that are terrorizing travelers and bringing trade to a halt. The Understudies seek to crack this case, and what they find is a really Big Bird indeed. Dhampir Jack, Bard… Read More
An investigation into mysterious messages advertising a hard-to-find Savings Bank leads to a corrupt dwarf seeking to have Tasuil Beor under his thumb, a mage-ineer of major mechanical ingenuity, a child slave network, and the rebirth of a former house of ill repute into a place of refuge and learning.… Read More
Sarah Burnheart, aging ingenue and untrained fire mage, attends an audition and finds herself part of a cast of characters (including a gladiator, a dhampir, a bard and an aromancer) who together will form an undercover support group for Epic Tavern's adventurers. Espionage, subterfuge and dangerous assignments notwithstanding, it's literally… Read More
What do you do when the one you love is an accident-prone thief who might just get himself killed or incarcerated before he even proposes? If you're Elryssa Flac, you ask the Gods of Beor for a miracle! But every miracle has a price. Ah, the things we do for… Read More
A 10-year-old Fire Mage, an 8-year-old Shaman and a 6-year-old Necromancer break into Beor's infamous magical items and antiquities emporium - what could possibly go wrong? Pilfer perilous, priceless artifacts and free the Dragon of Time with Wizkiddles Kharimar, Elona and Emilia as they accidentally set Morbid Curiosities ablaze...or do… Read More
How do you free a pregnant dragon from an ancient magic-dampening temple located near a Church and a monastery full of guards? One of the developers of Epic Tavern, upon reading "The Old Priest & Rat's Tale", asked me what happened to the pregnant dragon. "What happened next?" is music… Read More
The story of how The Old Priest & Rat Tavern got its name. The game Epic Tavern asks you to name your own tavern, or if you're not feeling creative, you can use their handy Name Generator. The Old Priest & Rat is one such name I encountered. "There's a… Read More
Minecraft Fan Fiction! (It took a lot of effort for me to write these chapters and to find a wonderful website like this one to post it on.) Thanks for supporting!!! Book: ALL DONE Read More
When Catra comes to Brightmoon after the rebellion's victory she hopes it will be a new start for both her and Adora. But it's challenging to leave your past behind when you don't know your future. And what do you do when it knocks on your door, wanting to be… Read More
A year later, Alice Hardy, the sole survivor of Camp Crystal Lake, struggles to survive, as she lives in a house near the haunted woods. When Jason Voorhees attacks her, Paul Holt and Ginny Field, the new camp counsellors, open up the new Counsellor Training Camp, unaware that the killer… Read More
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