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A collection of Harry Potter and self one-shots featuring different activities with the gang within the Hogwarts Castle and beyond! The adventures await! Based on the movie versions! Read More
This clerihew poem is a fictional one that involves three characters of the classic TV series 'The Dukes Of Hazzard'. Read More
This tanka poem is from the point of view of Dan Fielding who tells Judge Harold T. Stone how he feels about working under Vincent Daniels. Read More
Harry Potter is living with the Dursley family in Little Winging, Surrey. When he turns eleven, he learns he's a wizard, and attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And his life changes forever. The new children's fan fiction Harry Potter novel. Read More
Camp Crystal Lake, 1982. Jason Voorhees is dead. Or is he? When a new group of campers arrive at Camp Crystal Lake, the killer comes back to life, and resumes a reign of terror that causes problems for everyone in town. The fourth YA Friday the 13th horror novel. Read More
Camp Crystal Lake, 1981. Jason Voorhees is at the hospital unconscious. When he escapes, he comes back to the campgrounds, and resumes getting revenge on the campers, and counsellors. The third YA Friday the 13th fan fiction horror novel. Read More
Camp Crystal Lake. Friday, June 13, 1980. After the deaths of several campers, Alice Louise Hardy, Steve Christy, and the other surviving campers spend their week at the camp unaware that Jason Voorhees is still alive....and hell-bent on revenge. The first YA Friday the 13th horror sequel to Camp Blood. Read More
This free verse poem is my way of honoring the late Tim Conway who died on May 14th, 2019. Read More
Civil War veteran Captain James Kirk finds himself with an unusual offer - and a command the likes of which the world has never seen. Read More
A Starfleet officer gets a second chance at fulfilling his dream - and perhaps more. Read More
Jenny Carters is a thirteen year old who decides to spend the hot summer months at Camp Crystal Lake with her boyfriend Randal Forbes, and their friends. When they fall victim to Jason Voorhees, the revenge-seeking, hockey masked killer, Jenny struggles to escape before it is too late. The new… Read More
This four line poem tells in a small way the origin of the one comic book hero known as the Creeper. Read More
This is a fan fiction of the life of Ariel and Eric, taking place after Ariel becomes human and her and Eric get married. Read More
This is a fan fiction based off of the hit TV series, "The Office". I would love feedback so feel free to comment. Find out what the clink really was like for Prison Mike. Featuring Dementors (NOT the ones from Harry Potter, according to Michael). Read More
I don't own any of the names or the Anime Show, @ Copy-write. Read More
I Don't Own Any Of The Names Or The TV Show, @ Copy-Write. Read More
have you ever wondered 'what happened to ghost rider after the movies?' Well, I have, and this story is what I think happened, and I hope you like It, because I enjoyed writing about my favorite marvel character. I also thought "what would happen if two riders met?" so I… Read More
This nonet poem is about a person witnessing an alien abduction of a female friend before his eyes. Read More
This etheree poem is one Star Wars fan's way of paying tribute to Harrison Ford's character, Han Solo. Read More
This etheree poem happens to be what Superman is thinking about on the subject of telling Lois Lane the truth about him and Clark Kent. Read More
This cinquain poem happens to be what Ryan Dunn is thinking of saying to follow Jackass 3D star Bam Margera after that Super Mighty Glue stunt. Read More
This etheree poem is how one fan of the TV series Seinfeld feels about one of the characters. Read More
A fanfic of the Dragon Age game series. This particular work is combining the 6 different origin stories from Dragon Age: Origins into one big adventure. Read More
A year later, Marla Sanders and a new group of campers, return to Camp Crystal Lake, unaware that Jason Voorhees is seeking revenge. The first sequel to Camp of Legend. Read More
Camp Crystal Lake is cursed for a reason. No one survives the death curse. When Marla Sanders, and her friends, head there during the summer of 2012, they face Jason Voorhees who stalks them at every turn. The SPECIAL EDITION of Camp of Legend. Read More
Based on the game from Steam. When an expedition team washes up on a newly found island in the southern Atlantic Ocean, they lives are in danger. The island is home to prehistoric creatures from a bygone age and to a group of tribal natives. Blood will be spilled, lives… Read More
A hardcore fan of heavy metal rock bands uses this four line poem to voice his opinion on what those bands mean to him and other fans. Read More
A true sci-fi movie fan uses this double etheree poem to offer his opinion on a certain movie that is entitled 'Blade Runner'. Read More
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