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In this free verse poem, we find out what is the main problem Dilbert happens to have with his own boss. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The Lunars and Earthens has made a peace promise and the war has ended. People were living happily ever after until- a new race has appeared and threatens the earthen union. And plus, a new kind of lethal disease was found recently. Will the earthens and lunars be able to… Read More
Camp Crystal Lake is a cursed place for teenagers. When Marla Sanders and her friends go there during the hot summer of 2012, Jason Voorhees haunts them at every turn. Read More
Disclaimer: The characters, views and opinions expressed on this website are not solely mine. Some of them are of the original authors and other contributors. This site was made purely to entertain readers. No Copyright infringement intended. I’ve been working on this fan fiction for quite some time now, and… Read More

Book / Fantasy

October 13, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Warlock is mainly a property of Kathrina Csernis. This is a fiction taking place starting from chapter 26 of Warlock 5. Please support the official release. Everything seems to be falling apart for our main group as death, chaos and the unknown encroach them. How do they… Read More
Shaylee Calvert is the great grand daughter of Rose Calvert who learns about a great secret her great grand mother had kept from her and her mother and is eager to find out more about this secret this story is partly a fan fiction based on the movie titanic please… Read More
The author uses this etheree poem to point out what he thinks of Monty Python's Argument Clinic sketch. Read More
This double etheree poem is from the point of view of the grown up daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia and takes place long after 'Return Of The Jedi'. Read More
Continuing on with the mermaid fan fiction series. Celestine and Marina have an issue on their hands after Max has taken the triton and become a merman. No one would believe that they could be a thing. He poses a threat to the mermaid pod at Aqua Island. Even Nick… Read More

Short Story / Horror

September 25, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

The story of one of the many survivors of a quarantine breach on an isolated spaceship in unknown areas. She quickly meets her demise to a soulless creature, the Xenomorph. (Yes, this story is based off the Xenomorphs created from the film Aliens, I decided to do this after dipping… Read More
i was watching h20 on netflix with my little cousin. i decided to write a fan fiction version of it in mostly my own words. for those who have never watched the show its about three girls who go to this magical island in the south pacific and turn… Read More
"You know," he whispered to me softly. "I really like you Katrina. Ever since I saw you that day in Diagon Alley, I knew you were the one for me. I really do like you." "You like me, do you?" I ask passive aggressively. "Wow! I wonder where the… Read More
In this poem, the author tells us that he wishes to be a certain starship captain like in Star Trek... and why. Read More
This free verse poem shows us what Betty Cooper enjoys letting Archie Andrews do to her. Read More
This clerihew poem is about a certain Warner Brothers cartoon character who quacks. Read More
Hey! It's me again! So this is my newest story, an AU (alternate universe) of Stranger Things. This is fan fiction, which means this is not at all the story, rather it is a different view of the same story. If you've ever seen Stranger Things, the… Read More
This etheree poem is from the point of view of a character that the late Vic Morrow had played in the 'Time Out' segment of Twilight Zone: The Movie. Read More
This tanka poem happens to be Bugs Bunny telling us the main reason why he lets himself become a human being. Read More
This nonet poem is from the point of view of an ant after The Ant And The Aardvark cartoon entitled 'Science Friction'. Read More
A letter from an unfortunate soul in the year 2355AD. A new car leads to an eye opening brush with the past. Read More
This double etheree poem is from the point of view of the Batman's Number One archnemesis.. the Joker. Read More
This nonet poem is from the point of view of a character that John Astin played in an episode of Night Gallery entitled 'Pamela's Voice'. Read More
This etheree poem happens to be what a true comic book fan feels that both Batman and Catwoman should really do. Read More
This etheree poem is one comic book fan's way of expressing his opinion on the possible ending of Batman Vol. 3 No. 50. Read More
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