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3 months after the Doors of Darkness was opened the Crossguard Darksaber was retreived, a raid on a republic outpost near Yavin 4 and a murder of a jedi on Tython gets the attention of the New Jedi Council. They call upon the 5 heroes Alex Jackson, Lily, Cody Kent,… Read More
The Brightest Night had come. Morrowseer flew across the desert with three eggs. Without knowing he brought an extra. It glows silver as he flies. Read More
this is an eminem fanfic I don't own any one but kitty and her fam don't read if you don't like eminem sorry the chapters are short but I am not that creative suggestions are greatly appreciated Read More
My book of Hetalia Oneshots! I do requests!! I do 1p!, 2p!, Female x Male, Reader Insert, Fluff, Romance, etc. I do NOT do Male x Male, Female x Female, Smut, Lemon, Lime, etc. Read More

Book / Romance

April 03, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

A James Norrington fanfic.. Please enjoy :) Evangeline Bright is an ambitious young woman whose destiny does not allow her the freedom she so much desires.. James Norrington is a man in love with a woman who is in love with another. How do these two people's destiny's intertwine, and… Read More
_____ A long, long time ago... A girl named Kiyomi Shadowline was born. She wasn't born on Earthland, in fact; she was born in a dimension called The Shadow Dimension. Not many people know about it, but a lot of people live in it. Kiyomi isn't just a fellow Shadow-Girl,… Read More

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"Hi there! I'm Mimi. I'm a Pokemon trainer. This here is my partner, Lucario. But I call him Lark. We're on our Pokemon journey. We plan to defeat all of the Gym leaders and become as strong as we can. Right, Lucario? Well, we have to go now. Bye." Read More
This is a bio on JUST Derpy. Read More

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A poem for Leiliana the character from dragon age. Enjoy! Read More
It has been four years since the defeat of Asura Kishin and also since the disappearance of Maka Albarn. New power enemies are awakening to reign hell on Earth. Will Soul, Black Star, Death Kid, Crona and their meisters be able to win? Read More

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Quinn tries to convince Emy to move back home; she sees Allistaire's son at a restaurant who claims he wants to save them. Read More
The dark greatness is waiting for you, my son. Your own sword will bring this cursed glory. But your grandeur walks with your death hand in hand. ~ I wrote this story after listening to the Heather Dale's song "Mordred's Lullaby". So mostly of course this tale is based on… Read More
I think you are familiar with this odd feeling. When you just go on, acting as if nothing has happened, doing your routine and knowing that it’s all useless. You are already dead. You don’t need it anymore. ~ A little story about Tate and Violet from the first season… Read More
If you haven't read A Ghostly Heart, it's recommended you do because this is BOOK 2. :) After attending Quinn's funeral, life becomes a little easier for Emily and least, for a little while. Until Alistaire returns, but he's not coming back for Emily this time, but someone else.… Read More
Emily McKay is a 19-year old girl who lives with her older brother Quinn, a charming former athlete. Her parents died in a train accident when she was only two years old. She met a guy several years later, Jimmy Sullivan, who she slowly begins having a crush on until… Read More

Book / Fan Fiction

July 24, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

This fanfiction shows why swindling is NEVER a good thing. Read More
There was only one chance and she took it... One Chance to get out One Chance to call for help One Chance to let an idol save her All in all... There was only one chance ( This is Boxer!Harry Styles ) Read More
This is a fanfiction about Pokemon, mainly the FireRed and LeafGreen versions. This is a spin off the original story line, but happens a few years after it. Its not the cheesy, 'let catch 'em all!' story, it has a new twist to it. Something refreshing, new! And edgy, you'll… Read More
This is how the story goes with Mario & Peach & Luigi & all the rest of those characters. Read More
After a terrifying vampire attack in 1810, Ilia Rose spent the next two centuries hunting Sol, the man responsible for turning her and her friends into vampires. When Ilia discovers he’s run to the one place she's running from, she’s forced to face her most painful memories back in her… Read More
Many of us SAO fans thought that the first half of the first series was the most interesting one but it didn't get the detailed passing from a level to another and focused more on the main chars and their 'love life'. Hopefully the new Light Novel series Sword Art… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Ainna Dressil is the illegal daughter of Artemis. When her dad dies, she runs away from HSS, and finds CHB. What happens when Nico finds out she's the daughter of Hera? Will he keep the secret? Or will he tell everyone..... And get her killed? Read More
A fan-made letter of Harry potter by J.K Rowling. Disclaimer// I do not own anything,I just want to create through Harry's eyes as the book series was a big part of my childhood. Read More
It is a story of sandhir in whch sandhir meet accidently in a bday party Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

" Why are we, children of this world burdened With such a curse" " I dunno, but there must be a reason" 5 children who were never ment to exist team up with superpowered outcasts and take on nobodies, heartless, Silar, and the keyblade heroes themselves to discover the truth… Read More
This a short Borlderlands 2 fanfic. It takes place after the events of the game. Lilith became a leader of her own cult and is hiered by Moxxi to find and kill one of her lovers. Enjoy! Read More
Harry's jaw tightens, and she can see that he isn't focusing anymore. He picks up the pace of his steps, just like she had reminded him to do countless times before. To her surprise, he's doing it right this time. He is doing everything perfectly, but she can't figure out… Read More
There are some mornings that are great, and then there are some that are not-so-great. The latter can usually be fixed with the right touch of sweetness...both physically and metaphorically. Read More
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