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Spring, 1944, A German spy escapes from France, bemused on how a young boy managed to disarm and almost kill him with military-grade skills. What he realised will found the most effective form of evil the world will ever know. Present Day Angelika Novice had been a spy for her… Read More
Join Rex and his friends on their journey through the world of Pokemon as they try to figure out how they wound up as Pokemon, and how they can get back to where they belong. This story follows the storyline of 'Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of time/darkness' with a twist… Read More
*This is a fanfiction of Ouran High School Host Club. This was co-written by Hypnotic Hazel and Lolli Dee.* When pop singer Francesca Kiss and her fashion designer/best friend Rose Summers fall ill with two different illnesses, they are shipped off to Japan to find cures. However, this trip to… Read More

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After Stiles and Derek ground what they want out of their relationship, some things turn steamy in Dereks bedroom. Read More
This is a Fanfic for The Hunger Games, written from the POV of the District 11 tribute, Rue. Have you ever wondered what life was like for poor, innocent Rue before she was chosen to compete in the Annual 74th The Hunger Games? Or how she coped in the arena… Read More
Everything was finally back to normal in Ninjago. Cole now lived with his dad, Kai and Nya were back at the blacksmiths shop, Jay was back with his parents, Sensei, Lloyd, Misako, and Garmadon all lived in Ninjago City, down the street from where Zane and his father lived now.… Read More
'Welcome! I am Victoria Coin, and I am going to draw 3 females and 3 males for the 122nd Hunger Games!' The new ruled Hunger Games are about to raise hell upon 6 teens from District 13. Will trust hurt the love relationships? Will push come to shove and yet… Read More
This story has been a secret untill now... But now TheStoryTeller brought it in the light. I heard it from her too. Let me tell you this story now: a story about Voldemort... and his sisters! Warning: this story is about the darkest wizard and witches, it looks at everything… Read More
Ellien Jay High might be the best school ever to Amber Kay. But one day the school sends the students for a vacation that lasts for 2 years! Amber is estatic. They are sent to different places around the world and are paired up in groups of four. What happens… Read More
A little story inspired by the awesome Jimmy Fallon Read More

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A Harry potter fanfiction with a Drarry pairing. Set towards the end of The Deathly Hallows, this story focuses solely on Draco and Harry's feelings for each other. Are they brave enough to tell each other how they really feel? Read More
Kiba Inuzuka and Chi Ookami are chosen out of there district for the 74th annual Ninja Games, and they have hell awaiting them in the arena. Read More
Withdrawn from two faced coin. I just don't see that thing ever being continued in this decade. Read More
(VERY) Loosely based on the world of Code Geass, with my own characters and story. In fact, the only similarity to Code Geass is the Location and the FLEIJA weapon. and I might include something like a Knightmare Frame. The character names are just place holders for right now. I'll… Read More
In the middle of the night Happy takes the opportunity to gaze upon his family. Read More

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January 09, 2013

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A twilight fanfic, CelestexEmmett Read More

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I've written this in my StoryWrite account but I'd like to post it here too :D Jae was half korean. Her family moved to the US and she felt alienated by other kids. Thanks to a little boy named Zayn, she had a friend. Friendship turned to Bestfriendship (lol) and… Read More

Book / Romance

December 22, 2012

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This is no ordinary attraction. This is a fleeting moment on a train, which leaves Lily with one anonymous, breathtakingly accurate portrait of her, and a skin-deep obsession with finding the intriguing draftsman behind it. But life has somewhat different plans for the both of them... Without your comments, this… Read More
In the Year 2050, an apocalypse entered the world that had destroyed half of the human population. Two creatures had fought each other for 3 days and 3 nights. One creature who was known for his shape-shifting [Deoxys] decided to break down into millions of pieces, affecting half of the… Read More

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December 03, 2012

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This is a fanfic me and inlalalaland will be cooperating on. The idea is not entirely decided yet and things can change when you two heads try to fit in one novel so anything can happen. The fun thing for the reader I guess is that you can compare the… Read More
I decided to write a oneshot, and base it on my beautiful idol, Kimberley Walsh out of the UK girlband, Girls Aloud. I may decide to turn this into a short story, depending on how much feedback I get. Thank you for reading, I appreciate it a lot. Read More

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Raven is sent into the darkness, thanks to the return of Terra. When Starfire and Robin agree to breakup so Raven can date Robin, which will hopefully pull Raven out of her depression. But what happens when Raven finds out? And what will she say when Robin admits to falling… Read More
Its moons after the original members of the Four Forest Clans have collapsed and died out. Now, in this thrilling FanFiction, the four Warrior Cats Clans have been reborn. Follow Tigerpaw, a ShadowClan apprentice, in her determination to become clan deputy and eventually leader. She's ambitious, but so is her… Read More

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driving out the Thalmor of Skyrim, Valor the dragonborn had declared it now the fifth era, here now lies the account of Tolvsgar the lesser, descendant of the wanderer, here are the stories of their age. hear of several arcs of Skyrim, The war in Oblivion. a man reforging Annungileth,… Read More
A man and a woman meet at through a photography course... With desire consequences. Read More

Book / Fan Fiction

September 02, 2012

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Allie is a young girl who doubts herself. Will a year at Hogwarts raise her confidence, or will things not go to plan? With romance, comedy and friendships. Read More

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This short story will have some heart wrenched moment's and will make you feel connected to the characters as it goes. Enjoy. Read More

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Harry Styles Fanfic. Read More

Tags: harry, fanfic, styles

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