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Channelle Learns something that makes her kill her Aunt Maria, who had made love with her Adopted Father-Altair Ibn'La-Ahad. Channelle also faces some other problems, like she is not in the right timeline and is going to die.... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

After fighting against the Dark Lord and defeating him, the 7th year students at Hogwarts, School of Magic… and Wizardry, have been given the chance to come back to Hogwarts to repeat their 7th year. Hermione was absolutely delighted as she received an owl from Professor McGonagal, who was now… Read More
Do your remember the scene in episode 10 of season 1 of TVD, when Elena got out of the car and told Stefan that she loved him? I don’t know about you, but personally I was thinking “don’t you dare walk away!” Oh, the joy I felt when he turned… Read More
This is a story about a girl called Charlie with a bestfriend named Jay, who discover thing they never expected to, and with a few twist and turns to! Read More
little fic i wrote a while back but never posted one here. it was just of those 3 am the idea hit me and i had to write it down things lol Naruto singing a lullaby to his baby girl. Sasu/Naru Read More
A Junjou Romantica fanfic. A bittersweet story set many years in the future after the the time of the show. Akihiko is now a very old man, but Misaki still stands by him. Misaki reminisces on the past. This story has a sad ending. You have been warned Read More
Daniel Hackfield left London to study in America, leaving all his friends and his bestfriend Emma who unconciously stole his heart. During his stay in America, he swore that he'll do everything to make Emma love him too. Now, he's going to live in London for the rest of his… Read More
Shikamaru is to be escorted by the Sand Village Ambassador, Temari, to the Sand Village to help out with keeping the Akatsuki at bay by utilizing his strategizing skills. Will this mission be too troublesome for the Leaf Village ninja? A/N: Still unfinished, but hey, i was feeling bad for… Read More
I'm doing a fanfic for the series Animorphs. If you haven't heard of them, you should read them. because you probably won't understand this fanfic if you haven't... anyhow, i own none of the characters except E and the Yeerk i created. Read More

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Louise always dreamt of meeting Taylor Swift. She was her idol, they even looked the same, the long flowing blonde hair, the cute dresses. Louise never actually thought she'd ever meet her. Read More
A TW Fanfic :) Hope you like it :) tell us what ya think! Read More

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“Whoever captures the Mockingjay first wins the Games and the order to kill her. The other tribute will die by the Mockingjay’s hand and personal weapon. A lit arrow,”. Thirty years after Panem's rebellion, President Paylor dissapears mysteriously. Forced to take her place is none other than Gale Hawthorne. When… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Darcy, a 17 year old girl meets her favourite member of the WANTED whilst on holiday. Read More
Hey, so this is a Vampire Diaries fanfic based on the characters from the TV Show not the books. I have made my own character Charlie and she has an interesting backstory with a lot of the characters. I really hope you like her. The storyline is set sometime after… Read More
A Glee fnafiction. "My kissing Kurt, while it would have been electrifying and intoxicating and freaking asphyxiating, no doubt, would still have been very stupid. As the first openly gay guy in Kurt’s life, I knew I was the object of his affections. But I also knew that I was… Read More

Short Story / Romance

February 18, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

A Harry Potter fanfiction. Sirius and Remus wake up in The Shrieking Shack to find that Sirius has been injured by Remus in his werewolf form. Remus is convinced that their friendship is dangerous, but Sirius doesn't really give a shit. Sirius/Remus slash, one-shot. Read More
A Death Note fanfiction. Matt tries to understand Mello's reasons for leaving after L's death, and Mello tries to stop Matt from coming after him. M/M slash. Read More
He's the rockstar, she's the fan. But what if she discovers something he doesn't want anyone to know about? Oh boy there's going to be a wild ride for both of them. Considering she's Arielle Riordan,daughter of Rick Riordan, famous author and he's Josh Ramsay. Lead singer of Marianas Trench. Read More
Ritsuko and Aika are at a karaoke bar with their friends. What happens when an old love comes back for Ritsuko? Read More
Post breaking dawn;edward and bella know hard times are ahead when they realise that there daughter is slowly falling in love with jacob black, who imprinted on her when she was a mere child. However the worst is yet to come when there entire existance is in threat of being… Read More
I generally don't write fan fiction, but I had this idea. Not to be taken seriously. Rated PG 13 for naughty language Read More
A Katekyo Hitman Reborn fanfiction. Set during the future arch. Gokudera finds a love letter that his TYL! self wrote to his lover... Yamamoto. Now Gokudera has to come to terms with his feelings, or endanger the rest of the Vongola family. But what happens when he has to make… Read More
What if the cullens had saved Bree? Would she be able to control herself? Would she be mourning over Diego? Find out 5 years on! Enjoy ~Natx~ Read More

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Young Himatsu Uzamaki is finally returning to the Village Hidden in the Leaves, but not how she plans. She will reunite with her lifelong friend and share the secrets that were buried under a grave of history. Secrets that may change their relationship, for better or worse. She will also… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Michael Myers has returned to Haddodnfield to hunt down his remaining family members. In an epic finale to the legendary Halloween Saga, Michael and his remaining blood kin meet their ultimate fate. If all good things must die, what becomes of the evil things? *NOTE*: This story follows the events… Read More
When Himatsu Uzamaki returns back to Konoha, no one expects how the villagers react. With Naruto at her side yet again, the friends remember all the promises they made long ago, when they were both naive, hyperactive academy students. Now HImatsu's come back to keep the biggest promise of all:… Read More
Autumn and Allyvia go to a concert and Autumn winds up meeting Bert McCracken singer of The Used! And he seems to have taken quite a liking to her. Read More
Belladonna is a lady who works part time at a music store and then part time being a maid. ONE DAY! ville comes in and asks for her services in cleaning his home since he just got back from touring. Read More
Part time teacher when not touring Ville Valo starts falling for his student Xamara whose a senior in college Read More
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