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It's been 2 weeks since Devan found out that Jake is now working for Daryl; two weeks since she's seen either of them. What will happen when she shows up to Daryl's party just to be confronted by someone from her past? Will the two men that she loves the… Read More
"Yer a Razalek, Harry." "I'm a wut?" he asked. -- Updates every Friday. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The fabric of the cosmos is beginning to unravel ... The unified strong hierarchy of the gods begin to fail, as Hera plots revenge, and everyone from the minor gods to the legendary Titans are all starting to be pitted against each other! Mother against daughter, sister against brother, lover… Read More
damon black is a wizard who has nothing but the clothes on his back and his ragtag group of fellow wizards. then one night when everything goes wrong damon joins the twilight oath wizard guild. as he searches for his long-lost family he discovers a horrifying truth. ( since i… Read More
Zootopia: Operation Thunderbolt follows the story of Blake Thunder, a fox that lost his family in a harrowing event. His heavy loss turned him into a ruthless hitman working for The Golden Fang Clan, a secret organization led by the malevolent criminal mastermind Raphael Roarlington. Blake's life signficantly changes after… Read More
This story contains so many things I can't list it all, but I shall put down the basics. This is a Draco/Harry slash creature fic. Contains (down the line) mpreg, torture, action, adventure, darkish fic, sub!Harry/dom!Draco relationship. Romance and family is a major recurring theme throughout the three Life Cycle… Read More
Percy Jackson was just an ordinary kid. Or so he thinks until he learns that his father is a merman--and that Percy shares that supernatural heritage. Everything seems to crash down around Percy when Poseidon learns about the domestic abuse Percy and Sally suffer at Gabe's hands and thinks he… Read More

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March 25, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

Severus Snape has returned to Magical Britain a changed man after a long absence. He resumes his old position at Hogwarts, only to discover that he is not the only one who has changed in the seven years since Voldemort's fall. All hail J.K. Rowling, creator of Harry Potter Universe… Read More
The story is about Aegon Targaryen the first. Turns out Aegon was not Targaryen from his birth. He was born on a wizarding family and learned muggle ways. He will become the king of the Westeros and become Aegon the conqueror. But that's a long story. Read More
A fanfic of the Marvel Universe, starting with the creation of The Hulk. An ongoing series (hopefully). Read More

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March 16, 2021

This is a short memoir of my beginnings into fanfiction and short story writing. Read More
In a new age of Pokemon, new surprises are always right around the corner! Or maybe even right around the bend as a little girl starts her journey accompanied by the world's strongest Ditto! Follow this extravagant Pokemon and his pet-human as they soon realize that to continue their future,… Read More
We follow the life of Zendist Ren. A once urchin on the streets of Lower Coruscant to the Jedi he has become today. Read More
We found this notebook of an employee who worked at some Fazbear Entertainment establishments (Thanks to Scott Cawthon for creating the FNAF series) Read More

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Are you a fan of oldies but goodies 70's 80's? Read More
Emily and Jimmy are getting married. Leslie and Zacky are having their baby. The band's music career is going exactly where it needs to be. What could go wrong? Plenty of unfortunate circumstances, actually. Alistair isn't completely dead after all, and tries harder than ever to accomplish what he couldn't… Read More
y/n meets Mindless Behavior for the first time, she starts to get feelings for the one and only Roc Royal, even though they just met will it last forever, or will they only be friends? Her girls are always trying to make her new things and start dating again will… Read More
Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Ashwin struggling actor got an opportunity to get back into limelight after a failed television drama ....The only problem ...its a cookery show ! Meet Shubhangi a singer who came into limelight recently after her epic performance in a reality singing competition. When an alpha man… Read More
(A fanfic based on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure by Hirohiko Araki) This fan part of the long-running manga tells the story of Johana Joestar, the youngest daughter of a clan of heroes that protect the world from the supernatural threats. Three years after rejecting her destiny and running away from home,… Read More
Melody's friend and long time crush, Tristan get's taken away by the sea witch Morgana, Ursula's younger sister. Morgana wants Ariel's magical flower that hold's a piece of King Triton's power, but in order to do that she needs Melody to steel it from her Mother and trade it for… Read More

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November 20, 2020

This is a story of a muggle-born wizard who is sorted into Slytherin house. He will have lots of trouble in the beginning. But soon enough they will respect him for who he is. Read More
It was 2000 and Rascal Flatts had just arrived in Tennessee to perform at a concert hall. Lead singer Gary LeVox noticed a commotion in the crowd as a woman was acting strange and suddenly rushed out. Gary falls for this beautifully broken woman and tries to show her that… Read More
This fan fiction short story, the fifth and final in this series, continues to explore how Batman and his nemesis, Joker, came to have characteristics which are the exact opposite of each other. Is this a coincidence? Or is it due to some sinister link between the two characters or… Read More
This fan fiction short story, the fourth in this series, continues to explore how Batman and his nemesis, Joker, came to have characteristics which are the exact opposite of each other. Is this a coincidence? Or is it due to some sinister link between the two characters or between their… Read More
this is fan fiction for a series called ttyl i suggest you check it out. it is unfinished, but i think i was at a good stopping point so i decided to publish what i had. i called it "idek" because it just seemed good and it was kinda like… Read More

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When a fashion designer/writer goes to Iceland to learn about a suspected superhero named Sportacus, she is finding herself to be falling for the person who is suspected to be him, Magnús Scheving. Her manager, Kim sent her to iceland with specific instructions to find the story, write about it,… Read More
Challenge accept! Ed Sheeran thought when he heard there was a girl who said she could never fall in love. No matter how many dates she went on, no matter how many secret kisses she stole, she just couldn’t seem to fall in love. Willing to risk it all, Ed… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This story is dedicated to Avenged Sevenfold, my favorite band of all time, and their late drummer Jimmy Sullivan. I also dedicate my writing to my family for encouraging me to follow my dreams. It’s been twenty four years since the tragic and mysterious loss of the parents of Emily,… Read More
There's a new thief stalking the streets of Ankh-Morpork, and Commander Samuel Vimes of the City Watch will find that persuing this law-breaker will take him places he never expected. This is a piece of Discworld fanfiction. All characters, locations and concepts are the intellectual copyrighted material of Terry Pratchett… Read More
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