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September 01, 2018

I was born crying, and cold. And from that day on I never truly could get warm again. The crying stopped though, because I realized I was stronger than I had thought. But, inside fear always lingered; ice cold fear. I could not have known what was to become… Read More

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The Fantasy Realm House

A boy moves and finds some secrets, he doesn't act the right way Read More

Tags: death, fantasie

Story about the abuse of bread also in relation to how society is these days towards humans Read More
the magic lies behind all creation ...the story about the famous stories you know ...about life and death;love and hate, and the famous antagonism....god and satan...the untold epiphanies..unrevealed in verse Read More
faith, trust, and pixie dust. is that all i need to fly? or do i need to find my own way to break free from my 'perfect' world? follow my story of a teenage girl as she tries to deal with the everlasting battle of finding who you truly are… Read More
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