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November 15, 2020

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The Fantasy Realm House

The war is over! The Three Kings found their ancient mystical weapons and defeated the Lord of Shadows. For four friends, the effects of the victory force them to become fugitives, hunted by the very people they once fought beside. To protect one of their own, they take the opportunity… Read More
Crayon and his friends are training for a tournament that they are entering. Read More
A subversion of the usual isekai light novel tropes with an MC who was a home burglar. Read More
i do not know how to write, but it is just an idea that i have for a long time. it is also long from finish. i am not Korean, i just really love Korean drama. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Imagine a world where every color was its on species, or race, of another world. What each color's personality be? What would they look like? Here, you are dared to imagine. Read More
Hailee is a warrior in training and is ambitious to find out the thief who stole the book of Hamal during a planned attack. Little does she know that she is about to be entangled into something that will not only change her life. But an entire Galaxy. Read More
Life seemed so simple for Zack, Rex, Ryan, and the rest of there friends but that was back home. Now when they become trapped in a strange land in the middle of a civil war and with a evil cult on the loose will they be able to survive… Read More
The opening story of an expansive fantasy world, showing how the world was formed and who's in it Read More
Earthen Lord is an Eastern Fantasy I will be releasing by chapter on this site. The story follows a man named Niu as he is reincarnated in another world with his memories intact. The world he now inhabits is filled with powerful martial artists and demonic beasts. Follow Niu as… Read More
The greatest war between the elves in the Merion Empire and the wicked angel who was heartbroken from the prince of elves. Read More
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