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An exiled princess brought in to be his wife is the least of Neirin's worries. People and entire villages are disappearing. Supplies are running low. Fairytales seem to have come to life. Neirin didn't think he'd have to go on the journey of a lifetime to figure out how the… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Time doesn’t heal anything, it just teaches us how to live with pain. It has all lead to this. A new war between Teshika and Warlocks has begun, a war that has spread across Alvenguard like wild fire. King Arthur fights on the Teshika’s side, remaining loyal… Read More

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"Amazing prologue. And you know what? It's still the same, with you not giving too much about what's to come. Final book for volume 1 huh? I'm ex..." Read More

I am in the process of writing a fantasy novel with both human and faerie characters. The setting will be medieval Europe and Faerie. At present I am at the very beginning of the process, world building and developing characters. This piece describes the four main characters, and explains the… Read More
Two young boys confront an old man said to be a Ligaroo (Ware Wolf) Read More
Being from a blessed tribe, Griff has the particularly useful ability to turn into a wolf at will. Just to make things even more normal, he's a shaman, and can read the thoughts of anyone he touches. To Griff, being born in a blessed tribe is a curse. As the… Read More

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Left to die in a dark alleyway in the middle of the night, young Daniel finds himself stuck, waiting for the police to inevitably find him. But he soon realizes that his miraculous survival has gotten himself involved in a world filled with sorcerers that use magic to evade death… Read More

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This is a story about Diana, a traveler-merchant, who unwittingly gets involved in a conflict between the vengeful and the greedy, where she eventually turns of both sides. This is a story about revenge but in a sense that what if, it was looked though someone from the sidelines, and… Read More
In an alternate dimension of modern-day America, the parents of conservative children are kidnapped by branches of the United States Government in the name of political correctness, equality, justice and peace. When a Japanese-American girl is caught in the crossfire of this sinister narrative, she is granted a sword of… Read More
This is the tale of Ami Lighten a female fighter in a land where no such thing exists, follow Ami on her journey to become the strongest and beat the odds against her. Read More

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June 12, 2019

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When wars, betrayal and prophecies rule the realms,no one notices the dark. Alyra a young women lost her family in one war, then her home in a second one. Seeking revenage agaisnt a Godking, she blames him for letting the guilty of both wars go free. In her quest for… Read More
This nonet poem is from the point of view of a horse who hates it when someone interrupts his alone time with his mare. Read More

Tags: fantasy, life, misc, nonet

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June 12, 2019

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people as numbers meet up in a bar, with a silly cryptic answer, at the end. What is it? Read More
Hiding in the backstreets of a once-golden city is the Mahogany Bell, a rustic antique shop still waiting on its first customer. The perfect place to hide a secret. But the time has come to share the secret, and in doing so recount the marvelous life of Renn. "My tale… Read More
A man is gifted with immortality and realizes that with fulfillment of his wish he is cursed to find his love and lose her through the ages. Read More
This tanka poem is about one guy witnessing what happens to some friends in the woods. Read More
Rosaline: Once the daughter of the king but now a disgrace ripped from her throne and handed over to the beasts she finds herself in the peculiar situation on having to find a way to reinstate not only her power but her humanity. Liam: A traveling warrior looking to… Read More
The elfinfolk of Betony are slaves to man, brought low centuries ago when men sacked their great city of Silverness in the War of White-wall. All but a handful are ignorant of their own past glory, born during or after the Fall, but a few yet remember, and of them… Read More

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In a mythical land, six clans govern the known world through firmly established borders and territories. The world itself is hostile beyond what normal humans can reasonably contend with, yet through elite warriors, known as the Marked, humanity endures. Each of the clans are led by mysterious, masked figures known… Read More
Growing up and growing vastly incapable of making an impression in his small highland hamlet, ailbe leaves The Settle in search adventure... in search of kings... in search of The Ledge. Read More
Dragons, witches, elves and magic, all in what was thought to be a dream. Crystals help him travel from his world to an alternate world, where he is supposed to be a hero. The only problem is... he's 10 years old. Jeremy can't be a hero. His mom won't even… Read More
It all started three thousand years ago, when the balance between light and darkness was altered. This imbalance gave birth to a great evil which destroys every living thing that has breath by taking up their age to itself. It was known as the ageless demon. The warriors of Skinkal,… Read More
Ronas grew up in the worst slum of Redmont. He escaped, getting a job as a stable boy for Lord Treadmen for ten years only to end up back in Prettybow at the age of twenty-three. At the age of twenty-five, he's Lord Treadmen needs him for a prophecy, The… Read More
A short-story about a man thinking about the implication of a fairy tale wedding Read More
Book Four of the Jorthus series opens with our heroes separated and chaos dogging their heels, quite literally! Ravenous beasts hunt the lands for flesh and dark storms plague the seas. The world of Jorthus is ripping at the seams as her sister-world, Quorrelles, tugs at her orbit. Can the… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Five young hopefuls arrive at one of the most illustrious guilds in the city, The Foxhole, and aim to be accepted into the guild. Being an adventurer is not an easy path in life, but those who seek power, fame, or even simply helping the less fortunate, try their hand… Read More
This nonet poem is from the point of view of a moose holding on to a slice of bread with his tongue. Read More

Tags: fantasy, life, misc, nonet

A man is using this free verse poem to describe the dream that he had on the night before. Read More
As all the stars align and the day of Obliviscatur was upon the world of Terra, a child was destined by the Zodiac Librae. Little did this child know how much meaning his life meant upon the fate of the world. As a darkness unleashes and frees Ophiuchus and Cetus,… Read More
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