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June 09, 2020

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The The Imaginarium House

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The Wild Woods of Scotland is a place where elves, dwarves, and faeries, dwell. In Scotland, the Princess of Thieves, arrives there so that she can escape from the Dark Elves, whose invasion threatens everyone in the Cursed Lands. The fourth fantasy sequel to the Tavern of Magic. Read More
During times of great crisis for the Slavani people, their God, Savara, will manifest as an avatar in the mortal plane and lead her people into a glorious golden age. But the times she manifests are few and far between, and while Savara loves all her creations, it’s impossible to… Read More
Aldred Moore, and Sabine, are back at the Tavern of Magic. When they face the Dark Sorceress, she unleashes evil dragons, who unleash fear across Scotland. The third fantasy sequel to The Tavern of Magic. Read More
the princess Canary was kidnapped by the pirates of the Barbola, then she was rescued by a huntsmen named Hunter in the black forest where she discoveres the fantasy nature of the black forest. She met dark Wizards and made friends with dwarfs. Read More

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The Contently Deranged Travelers House

An entity known as Drin wakes to fight nightmarish creatures regularly, for it is his duty to do so. He begrudgingly wages endless war with such horrors in the hopes his only reward -- his sole desire -- will last forever. Now if only the emergence of these monstrosities would… Read More

Featured Review by hullabaloo22

"This was an excellent first chapter, MA, full of menace and strangeness." Read More

" Breathless, Reading Pleasure! Will it be Scary or Romantic...?" About The Creature Of The Night...?" A legend Within...That Every Ones Herd of But Did not Bleeve it was so, Until after Dark, is When everything Changes...?" In every 30 years once in A Blue full Moon something happens, Something… Read More
(Will probably consist of 3-5 chapters) Read More

Tags: fantasy, medieval

A company was sent to deal the growing threat at the Northern Border. A non-magic prince, two powerful magicians, and an adventurer who's something to do with the attacker. How would they survive when they were being deceived and threatened to dance to the tune of the game of the… Read More
as everyone has dreams. dreams are involuntary but yours dreams can be based on what you imagine or think. so dreams can be fulfill if your intentions are not wrong. set your dreams as your goals. Read More

Tags: fantasy, dreams

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The Booksie Classic House

about a.... just read it i'm not a spoiler Read More

Tags: fantasy

Danyella has defeated the Living Castle and is on to her next adventure. She has a promise to keep to a dead girl and with the help of her lover Allay and their unwanted companion Zaa, she'll do just that. However, she quickly finds that not all promises are easy… Read More
This is the continuation of the fantastic tale of Prince Albert and the Cursed Village. In a small village on the edge of hostile territory Albert has slain a great evil only to see the village set upon by something much worse. The young prince to solve the mystery once… Read More
This is one of a series of short tales told by traveling bards in the kingdom of Albert the Wise. The bards may be in his employ as rumors suggest or just trying to curry favor but there's no debating his storied past and his incredible character unless of course… Read More
For a teenager, life is hard. For Sam Gilmore, it's even harder protecting your town. Read More
Kevin ate dinner at Galiema's Restaurant less then 5 minutes ago. When he goes back to look for his car keys, it does not exist anymore. Did Kevin travel to the future, paying the price for challenging a scientist...or is it just all a bad dream... Read More
When an old enemy brings magic to the world, two vigilantes must protect the city from the new threats rising. Read More
India 643 CE. A young group of students of a Village Gurukul waits for a teacher who arrives to tell them something about history and something more.... Read More
150 years after the war has ended Queen Mia and King Christian had a few kids. Fallow their youngest Annebelle as she learns that she can love; however, she falls in love with someone that she should not. I recommend reading the first book, Elvish Slave before reading this one. Read More

Tags: fantasy, erotica, bdsm

A comedy about the struggles of living underwater. Read More

Tags: fantasy, comedy, ocean, au

A collection of short stories, shower thoughts, poetry, and song lyrics. Every time I find myself drifting into boredom I write or dream with my eyes open. These are just some of my discoveries from the depths of my mind. Read More
Ian Shadoe, a young orphan savvy to the sea port of Hadaad, takes his chances with a thieving job that could make or break him, while reflecting on what his future holds for him. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The world of Avern has moved on. It has been almost a thousand years since the day the entire pantheon disappeared. Since the Abandonment, the mortals have learned to live without gods and goddesses. The world became mundane with little magic, and even less hope. Tyrants have risen, and those… Read More
an institution hidden from modern society. the place where the supernatural get together and learn in different districts.what if a human who had never believed in fairy tales, get transferred there? Read More
sol primordi is a land of magic and adventure. characters unite to find a cure for a poison that has plagued the land. Read More
Young Kydari, a privileged elf of noble society, struggles to be the person her parents expect of her. Read More
In the medieviel times there is a girl called Catlina who struggles to hold down jobs and find her way in the world. She encounters a palace and meets a prince who guides her. Read More

Tags: fantasy

bullets, coffee and tall tales. Read More
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