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(Prologue - Ch.I 12/14) (Ch.II-IV 1/15) A Darkness has made its home in the forests around Whitecreek. It threatens to destroy everything in its path as it had before. The Darkness has already taken Lorin Harbringer, who bore a child, Cyrus, that will one day take his first step into… Read More
When a boy is faced with a choice between two tracks for his future, an unlikely source sends him on an incredible expedition across a meadow-- becoming a bug in the process. Forced to trust his instincts and follow his heart, he must complete his fabulous and terrifying quest before… Read More

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October 18, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

A fantasy novel telling the story of a teenage soldier named Xev who becomes a great warrior, magician, dragon rider and more throughout his journeys across worlds. Read More
Legendtina is an ordinary girl until her dreams become and reality and the secret Mother has been keeping changes her life forever. Read More
Scott Conway spends his days just going through high school, working on making friends and hoping to be what other people consider cool. That is until he discovers he is half-angel and opens his eyes to a world of demons fighting to corrupt the souls of his friends. Then life… Read More
A fun story that puts fantasy and sci-fy in the same realm. Skye is a surviror from a hostlie world, rescued by the mysterious Erics. An Ex Milltary captain, now a for hire Merc taking any job she can get. Or that Skye wont mess up for her. They are… Read More
When her father's closest friend becomes their mortal enemy, Princess Asaria Emery must flee into the night, leaving behind her family and life as she knows it. On the way to her grandmother's village in the North, Asaria comes across fantastical creatures, new friends, and a handsome, broken man who… Read More
The prologue to my novel in the works: the Proanadi. Read More
Dilemmas can happen, anywhere and anytime; especially in the wholly unpredictable, uncharted realms of fantasy. Faced with two choices and only one solution, Princess Serena has to go on a quest to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Read More
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