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Alice's son Ryan, who has never shown any signs of having any powers, Reaperfies at school and loses control, destroying the school. So Alice has to come with Ryan to school every day to break his mask if he loses control, until he finally learns to control his powers. Read More
Alice and George get to know each other before they make the baby Alice promised him. Read More
Alice and Mallorie go to a huge lifeless planet to test out Alice's new abilities as a Leblos class Reaper. Read More
Alice, Mallorie, and Blaze head to the Reaper dimension to save a kidnapped human girl. While they're there, Alice learns more about her Reaper powers than ever before. Read More
Alice teaches Mallorie how to stand up for herself, using unconventional means. Read More
Mallorie goes to school for the first time in her life. However, her homeroom teacher verbally abuses her. When Alice finds out about this, she angrily goes to the school to beat the teacher into a coma, as she puts it. Mallorie desperately chases after Alice to try to stop… Read More
Alicia, a famous music star, plays against drunk Mallorie in the game Guitar Lords. Mallorie, in her drunken state, beats Alicia, which leads to Alicia completely losing her confidence in herself and becoming depressed. This is meant to be a sad story with a few funny moments. Read More
Alice, a powerful girl with white hair and strange powers, fights to get revenge on her daughter's seemingly invincible killers. Read More
Alice awakens from her Reaper energy induced coma, and takes on an entire spaceship of Crystalanians by herself. Later, Alice takes Mallorie to get glasses. Read More
Alice and Mallorie head to the shadow dimension to look for the Sword of Eons. When they arrive, a shadow entity uses a Legendary Sword to resurrect Alicia and force her to fight Alice. Read More
Alice meets her match in a powerful shadow entity/Reaper hybrid with a power level equal to hers. Read More
Blaze, who has lost control of her Reaper powers, is pointing her pistols at the townspeople, ready to blow up the whole town. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

First chapter of a novel in progress, critiques welcome. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

After losing everything he had built to the machinations of his most trusted friend, Krelian was imprisoned in the worst prison in the Eastern Desert. Freed by rebels seeking to his help in restoring the Union back to the way it was. Now he must reunite his old gang to… Read More
Part 3/3 The new age is brought about through war and genocide, bringing about the elevation of one gender and the diminishment of another. The First Empress is ruthless, eradicating all stains of the past to bring about her vision of utopia. Only one person stands in her way. Read More
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