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Very funny upper crust werewolf farce set on an estate in the Victorian English countryside, with the aristocratic Prescotts trying to marry their son off to a well-to-do young Romanian princess, only there's a catch -- she’s a werewolf. Culminates in a very hairy set of marriage vows. Stage play… Read More
A nonsense, fiction, short story for entertainment purposes only! Would love some feedback...even if it's "it sucks". Read More
Sitting on a ledge, Leon tries to decide whether he should take the plunge. Read More
Want extra credit in your English class? Share this story with your Language Arts teacher! A literary fiction exploration of the Common Core Standard Essential Terms in a story! The words you need to know in an exemplar setting! Read More
Follow Timmy Baskins,a defeated, down on his luck, door to door salesman as he declares today is his day! An dark comedic adventure all the way until the suspenseful finish. Read More
A mumbling, middle aged Yorkshireman drives a minibus for the disabled. Obviously, this involves a series of fantastical adventures. If you wish to read about earlier adventures, or indeed continue to later ones than the one currently being publicised by 'Gubbins, click the numbers below. Enjoy! ps many tanks to… Read More
The whole poem's a farce that rhymes Read More
Eliza Newson is stressed out by everything under the sun. When she gets worried about her husband to be not being around as often she has a bit of a panic attack. Read More

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A Playwright, preparing to present his show, warns the audience that the script got out of hand when all of his friends wanted to add their own characters. Watch as the worlds of actors, wannabes, a director and a desperate writer collide. Read More
This novel is woven around the question of whether we are alive or dead. In his manic dreams the author decides he is trapped between lives and in deep trouble. When he finally learns about himself, a creature saves him from the myth that is haunting him. Our hero is… Read More

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July 25, 2010

Recently two poets past away that I loved dearly, one of them would even be my wife now if she still had lived.. But, bad things happen.. This text gives a small insight in the current status of my being since both poets died.. Read More

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October 01, 2009

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Adrianne Shaw had adopted one technique to side step her mother and her matchmaking ways, EVASION. Excuses to refuse visiting on weekends and holidays. It made it easier to lie about non-existent boyfriends and if it got boring and tiring, non-existent lies about their break ups. She was living with… Read More
I wrote this poem when i was 17 and in boarding school. I hated the routine of getting up at five in the morning and going to sleep at ten, The sheer monotany of life for two whole years almost drove me mad. I had to pretend to be someone… Read More
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