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Experience the resourceful spirit of Clyde McCulley as he explores in memory his humble but adventurous childhood in rural Arkansas in the 1940s and 50s. Though flavored with the hickory smoke of a southern upbringing, McCulley's juvenile innocence and sense of wonder capture universal mysteries and dreams of childhood as… Read More
Ohio, 1927. Lucy Temple is a twelve year old girl who dies in an accident on her farmhouse. When her parents leave because of their grief over their daughter's death, the farm is haunted by other families. In 1977, Tracey Barclay, also twelve, arrives with her family. When she sees… Read More
For Laura Read More

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I guess this is a kids story that is trying to grow up, not sure. --- This started out to be a "Chicken-Little" flash fiction, but that went by the wayside. So this little ditty is what happened instead. Read More

Tags: danger, farm, fog, rooster

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I wrote this poem on my dad's birthday. He is no longer with us, except in spirit. My mom still lives on the farm, and we all look after her. She will be 90 in January. My dad would have been 98 if he were still alive. We miss him… Read More

Tags: mama, heaven, angels, dad, farm

Cover image: Please note: this story is also contained in 'The Imaginarium House Summer 2019 Collection'. Read More

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No one dare get in the way of Anna loving Molly. Read More

Tags: creepy, gothic, rural, cat, farm

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The adventures of this kindhearted wizard may turn into a series of short stories, but for now there is just #1. --- I hope you enjoy it. Read More
I just couldn't help it when I saw the horse; it was so beautiful. Read More

Tags: farm, race, horse

Victims of a horrendous act reach out from the grave to exact revenge. Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

October 12, 2018

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i had no intention of teasing the long horn, but i just did. Read More

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An ex-prisoner works the land. Read More
A poem about corn on the farm Read More

Tags: nature, farm, corn

Just whipped this up... PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO WITH THE OWL Read More

Tags: humor, laugh, farm

This story started out to be about one type of Kobold but then it just changed direction all by itself (?). Almost as if someone was whispering in my ear; Nah, that's silly. Anyway, once I started writing the story seemed to tell itself, and the ending came as… Read More

Tags: work, farm, ship, sailor, helper

A short story, mildly elasticizing the historic facts, recounting the difficulty in a new, 300 pound member of the family fully adapting until properly appreciated. Read More
I was raised on a farm just outside a remote village nestled like a shirt button in a valley on the Canadian Shield. Most of the wage-earners in this Northern Ontario community worked at nearby nickel mines. My childhood was relatively normal until one autumn afternoon when I was… Read More
This short story about a child and some birds, the story is half true. The True part is about the birds using a tire swing as a play thing. Read More

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Houdini likes to sun himself in the wildflower patch beside the babbling brook.... Read More
Just a simple story trying to tell a tale of simple, but happy, people.. Read More
This is about 2,000 words of fantasy involving space aliens mistakenly leaving something behind. I think it is intelligence dust. Read More
My first creation of fiction in a long time Read More
The life story of an unnamed individual in a messed up society. But is it all as simple as it seems, or is there some hidden truth behind it all? Read More
Truth comes veiled in the ancient mystery of prophetic dreams. Read More

Tags: family, hope, home, farm

There are several kinds of smarts, but kindness comes in a single, nondescript, package. So with that in mind, I decided that Karma needed to lend a hand in this story, you know, to make up for a deficit in the smarts department. Read More
A normal Monday on the farm Read More
Things are a little different in the country and away from the big city; things are a tad slower. Read More

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