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"Do you remember those glorious days back then?" "Can you stop calling it those? ...It's embarrassing, but... Yes. How could I ever forget those days?" Since early childhood, Keita Wagame and Kotori Shizuru have been fated to be together ever since their first seating arrangement back in Elementary School. Follow… Read More
Giselle is stuck in a relationship with Ben and she is deeply unhappy, that is until she meets Alex. Read More

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Fate, average by most standards, enjoys his peaceful days, but everything is ruined as his life nearly comes to an end when he has a run in with an unknown creature. This beings to warp the world around him and all he can do is continue to fight for his… Read More
Novio has become self aware and knows of his terrible fates. Is there a way for him to be happy? Read More

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Fate discovers a flaw in its work. Read More

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War exemplifies the worst of our humanity, and controls the fate of innocence. If only we could break the silence and the shame that keeps alive the evil that lurks inside the human mind of those too arrogant to dream. Read More
WHAT could possibly cause a rift in the time continuum large enough to initiate a wish for the ages? The Jang sisters were hoping for a miracle. A miracle of the heart. A miracle the likes of nothing experienced in their lives but one other time. The summer of 2007.… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Knowing all the while. But limited by parameters put upon us, about how open we can be. Even with one another. One, maybe both, thinking the other, had forgot them, trying to prompt the others memory. Read More

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February 11, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

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Poem / Young Adult

January 04, 2022

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12-year-old Olivia Mira stared in horror as her world crumbled into pieces she needs to learn to trust the right people or she'll get stabbed in the back by enemies or fake friends. Along the journey she meets a cute new guy who seems very secretive but Olivia finds out… Read More

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His brothers made fun of him. He would have the last laugh. Read More
Nightmares are nothing more than figments of our imagination, right? After having a few too realistic dreams involving other people’s trauma and memories that weren’t her own, Nova was lead to question the truth behind these occurrences. When she is suddenly emerged into a world beyond her understanding that connects… Read More
Man has always been under the influence of the powerful since the beginning of time. Powerful men or women whose desire to dominate, control and ultimately determine the fate of others, serves as an aphrodisiac for their own mortal existence. They see power as an instrument of immortals, given and… Read More
The human spermatozoon tells about his life, about humanity, about God, about destiny. Read More

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It last only as long as we need it. My poem. Read More
If not for fate, a couple would have never met or married. Read More

Poem / Poetry

April 21, 2021

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Book / Romance

January 22, 2021

do you believe in fate? that everything happens for a reason? that you meet the people you meet for a reason? hopefully by the end of this story...you’ll know the answers. fate is not just about two people meeting, it’s about the meaning of why they met. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

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A new take on the Holy Grail War from the Fate franchise, with new original characters, and Heroic Spirits taken from fiction and literature rather than history. Evan Notary is a young mage who joins the Holy Grail War in the city of Groningen, in the Netherlands. He finds himself… Read More
A fictional account and exploration of how time and circumstances align and intersect to influence our lives. Read More
Everyone of us has something which holds us back. An experience, a childhood memory, it could even be in our own blood. This is the story of 5 friends and their coming of age story to free themselves of the strings that bind them to the past in this entangled… Read More

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It’s time to choose your destiny. The world or your family, Whom do you choose? You don’t have an option, pick one. Read More
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