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Based on a true story, Ayanna Jones is suicidal. It seems no one cares if she chooses life or death. Her father is a bully, and won't stop sneaking into her room to do sexual things to her. She doesn't like to see her own reflection while standing in the… Read More
A piece filled with wonderful things like imaginary bands, friendship, said friendships ending because of pettiness, and a consideration of what place you inhabit in the grand scheme of the universe. (Author Note) This was the non-fiction essay that I wrote for my Creative Writing Capstone class at college. This… Read More
Ever since Amanda put Adam in that trap, she couldn't help but feel a sorrow and guilty feeling in her stomach. Why is she feeling this way for Adam? She's never felt this way about Cecil Adams after John (or Jigsaw) killed him...How come Adam is so important to her? Read More
The Tales of The Chosen By Matthew Faulkner SUMMARY: It was a tough time to be alive in the world. The world had grown so intellectually advanced that children were required to commit years, even decades of their lives to their fields of study. It was not like the simple… Read More
A fun poem I wrote on a napkin in the middle of the American Lit class in college. Read More
short story i wrote for my english class last year! Read More
Faulkner and Bruce must deal with thieving kids around the studio, and Faulkner reunites with an old flame. Read More
In this episode, Faulkner wants to be edgy on the sitcom he co-stars in, but the director feels he goes to far. Once Faulkner takes over the show, he becomes the edgiest motherf*cker on TV, but legal problems ensue. Read More
Faulkner and Bruce is a comedy show about these two bumbling security guards working at Kessler Studios in Los Angeles, California. There is an old African-American guard who has pretty much lost his mind named M. Faulkner, and there is a young security guard that Faulkner is aquainted with named… Read More

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A dramatic scene I wrote for an intensive course I took a year ago. The guidelines (which gave a wonderful amount of wiggle room) were to have a conflict between two characters, with one character keeping a secret from the other and build-up to the breaking point, when the character… Read More
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