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The Fantasy Realm House

The Shadow Forest is a beautiful, peaceful place...on the outside. But a danger has been lurking in its shadows for a long time. A prophecy: A hero will rise to defeat the evil with a weapon no man can wield. Within the Shadow Forest, twelve years ago, a tragedy shaped… Read More
LA police detective Sgt. Liz Keegan's night away from cops and crime takes a terrifying turn and gives her a first-hand look through the eye of a victim when she and a friend are brutally attacked. Now her friend is missing, one of the assailants is dead, and Liz and… Read More
''There was a war...a long bloody war, between Dragons, Oluan, and humans.''Magic and Power... Dragons. These are the things of books and movies... of other worlds. They aren’t real. They can’t be real. Mia wishes for the days when she truly believed that. Days when her biggest worry was whether… Read More
The girl with the cleaver hesitated... Read More

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The Writers Rift House

Brooke Gains is an ambitious young officer in the Glorius Navy of the Republic. When she gets sent to capital to work in government she risks losing herself and everyone she loves to pressures of politics. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Scarlett goes after her town's criminal underworld, though, truth be told, there's not much that separates them from her. And she knows that. (Note that this story has nothing to do with the short "Being with People".) Read More
Kayla Winston is a 23 year old film student who has a fateful encounter with a bizarre being one night. She finds a stone that holds a mysterious power that will change the lives of Kayla and her best friend Kaya as they undergo a surreal and transformative journey.… Read More
It's been over two hundred years since everything fell apart. No one remembers what happened, and at this point, no one cares. But they still need to survive- and when a community of women falls into conflict with another group, they must learn to differentiate between simple survival and… Read More
Within the catacombs of Grimoire, Katherine searches for a fabled tome. Its powers could end the world or make it whole again. What lies inside Katherine's heart does she have the power to control herself and master the tomes spells or will she succumb to her own delusions and… Read More
"The room is a swirl of commotion, but the voices sound muffled, far away. Screaming. Barking orders. Shapes flash by in my peripheral vision. Running. Escaping. Fighting. I can't move, can't think, can't feel. I only stare at the two unmoving figures slumped on the ground in front of… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

16-year-old Austen Murray becomes wrapped into the mystery that surrounds her classmate, Nash, after watching him doodle something into his notebook. His unusual behaviour brings out the best (Or perhaps the worst) in Austen and she dares to do more than what she was made for. Together, they try and… Read More
What was meant to be a simple after-school outing becomes so much more. Maisie Gardner develops a superpower, and is immediately thrust into a dangerous confrontation in which the odds are heavily against her. Her actions solve her short-term problems, but they carry consequences down the line. Read More
what if a mirror, wasn't really a mirror? what if mirrors were doorways into another world, a worse one, and your reflection is protecting you from the other side? Read More
The story of a mother who faces hardships with her son, to the point she must eventually make a perious journey to save him Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

There have been very few instances to prove that proper descendants of gods and humans still exist, Claire Retlaf is one such case. Taken from her home at a young age she learned to hone these new found gifts granting her unimaginable power. In a city full of liars and… Read More

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The Review Chain House

What is left of a person, after they find out that the only hope they had left, had never been a hope in the first place? Read More
Two aspiring chefs, Sam and Kira, strive to become the very best. However, there are a lot of downs along the way. Pretty much just downs, and swearing. A lot of swearing. Read More
Sage is a nineteen year old woman just released from the Meadow Foster Center where she has spent the last ten years of her life. Without a home, family or direction, she embarks upon a new life for herself with only terrible memories to fall back on. It is not… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Dragons were global protectors, countries united beneath their wings. The aftermath of WW2 driving the beasts to extinction...or so the world were lead to believe. Dragons were once used as weapons of war, bred solely for their feats of extraordinary strength, aerobatic prowess, the elements they breathed and the protection… Read More
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