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The balance of male and female in faith Read More

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January 09, 2017

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What if heterosexual relationships are merely symbolic of something infinitely more significant; something that has been deliberately suppressed and perverted for thousands of years? What would happen if such an ancient secret were to suddenly resurface in the modern world? ...And what if this scenario is not entirely fictional? "A… Read More
Insecurities are often seen in the presence of many females only, but as a society we must also contend to the minds of the males as well. Read More
Down the rollar coaster, All love shatters, Merely memories remain, Thinking of the old days. Read More
Once gender lines were clearly drawn, but now NFL players have more feminine traits than me. Read More
This is a story of a woman who finds aesthetic fulfillment, and overcomes loneliness through her own self-confidence. Read More
"About Abortion" is a lecture by LilithYggdrasil, HighPriestess of the Church of AboraMana, explaining why the right of free decision should be given back to the women. It is only 388 words long, easy to read, providing argumentative ammunition for women (and the men) who agree with her. Read More

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July 22, 2009

Open in style. Two vignettes, two genders. Read More
The morning after my last intimacy with my first love, I woke to find myself bleeding through her sheets. I haven't bled again since that last Sunday in April. I had a dream about it once and looked it up in a dream dictionary. It said that menstrual blood is… Read More

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the mixing of the masculine and feminine natures Read More
Poem on femine wisdom and aging Read More
People in this country have taken "casual" to an extreme and women in particular have abandoned any semblance of femininity, and beauty. Read More
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