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A swashbucking story about agents of the Cardinal and how they try to work against every enemies of the Cardinal, including the famous musketeers. Read More
Paul Rio and his gang make to Rome to fence the diamonds. The perfect crime is about to come to a conclusion, but are hero is worried about his past haunting him with failures. Paul tries to keep his mind and genitals in check while the money awaits him and… Read More

Book / Young Adult

April 19, 2014

Ever gazed up at the sky and wondered if there is an undiscovered world out there? Well Roze Singh hasn't, and she's about to get the shock of a lifetime. Roze is on the road to recovery from a traumatic experience that left her unable to trust anybody, the two… Read More
Skylar and Niall meet at a fencing tournament, after she wins 5th place. Skylar is the last thing to being a girly girl, let alone a princes, but Skylar has the biggest celebrity crush on Niall. Niall thinks he’s found his princess, but will the nickname conjure up a problem? Read More
Another story about that duellist nammed Bianca, and about a very special club, just for duelling peoples. Read More
This story has blood and gore and the content of this novel may not be for every one. If you don't like crime assainations and such this book is not for you. A eighteen year old girl with her mysterious past is maid of a princess and is enterialy devoted… Read More

Poem / Sports

October 10, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

This describes my first big fencing fight. Needless to say I lost badly, but it was rather transformative. Essentially in the moment of fear of failure I lost all inhibitations and gave it my all. Read More

Tags: fight, fear, fencing

Short Story / Fantasy

September 22, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

A swordgirl story inspired by fetish model Bianca Beauchamp, with rapier duelling. Read More
Ah, The Princess Bride. A tale of epic proportions. With one pretty girl, one giant, one pirate, an evil prince, and a fencing-vengeful Spaniard. To Inigo! May his fencing days be long! Read More
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