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This is a short and true story. A friend, and coworker, shared this story with me many years ago and I thought it worth passing on. (Note: Ferrets are often used to hunt rabbits.) Read More

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A wolverine meets a badger, the badger meets two ferrets, then there is the lone wolf, oh my. This short story, under 3,000 words, is about mixing some very true animal facts into a fictional story that just might have happened somewhere, and at some time. Who knows? Read More
This will be a running account of characters from The Unseen Promise. I will be adding new ones from time to time as an introduction to their place in the story. Master Sniff's Ferret Men Quarverit - Stork Man Litila - The Forest Fey Read More

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February 06, 2012

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This is a short story/novel in the works. The Walnut Grove is the story of a town called South Orange, and the miraculous people that live there. Among them are Dane, Larka, The Bear, the narrator, and many more quirky, wonderful characters. Read More
This is our story we are working on. It is about a girl who is trying to solve her parents murder. The "fuzzil" name is a combo of fuzzy and evil, they are based off of ferrets, i have 2 and they are so adorable! There will be lots of… Read More
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