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Cirque Twon, Illinois was once a town so ordinary and nice, being on the map (which they were not) meant nothing to the inhabitants. In truth, it was thought that something terrible could never happen to the town, because such a thing would only be a signal that God had… Read More

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April 08, 2011

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On Friday, October 13, everyone in Cirque Town was dead. Everyone accept 73 children. And with their new beliefs... their new species, they will let themselves thrive. But how long can they really survive? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Ferris Wheels... Romantic, Cliched imagery combined with carnival/fair imagery. Ferris wheels can have many hidden meanings to it and can be compared to many things (As love can be too)Love is exciting like a ferris wheel, and love can also have it's downpours too. Just like the game/battle of love… Read More
Chicago has a rich history, but not all of it has stayed in the past. Read about Chicago's infamous Sausage King, the crime he committed, and the ghost that would haunt him for it. Be careful, though. After reading, you might never look at sausage the same way. Read More
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