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The protagonist comes home from work, enjoying his rest like his normal days. He's abroad in Korea, working as an English teacher. Amidst a tranquilnight, he's met by a mysterious disaster inside his room. More mysterious is how we're hearing his story... This is a tribute to the Sewol ferry… Read More

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The Staten Island Ferry is an Iconic part of New York City that many ride on a daily basis but no one talks about the Ferry that crashed or the horrible fate that befell it's passengers on one foggy day. Read More
A mountain was named after dolphin's nose as it looks like it from a distance sloping into the Indian Ocean on eastern coast of India. Small caves at the foot of the Dolphin's Nose were home for various sea creatures and accessable at low tide. Juggernaut narrates from his boyhood… Read More
The real truth is man is always a misoneist despite of his technological advancement Read More
Trips to Baja California from the days before the roads were paved to various driving and fishing experiences. Read More
Richard finds a routine overnight ferry journey from Stockholm to Helsinki more eventful than he imagined when he stumbles across a blackjack game with a mysterious dealer... Read More
Anna Water discovers something different aout herself when she's thrown over a ferry on a school trip. *this story was just very random and would love to hear your comments on it as am not sure if i should do a part two but let me know.* Read More

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With his best friend going away for the summer, Jeremy is rather devestated at the thought of his sisters braiding his hair. Jeremy and Ron go for one last fishing trip before Ron goes, away, but is there a strange creature lurking in the shallows of the harbour? Read More

Book / Horror

November 23, 2008

This book is about a girl named Iva and.... something named, well his codename is apparently Dave Davison. He is The Follower.Iva thinks she is on a safe birthday trip at first, then she is CAPTURED! READ! Read More
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