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Book / Young Adult

February 21, 2018

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For the last three generations, the only thing shared between The Mason's and The Cassidy's is their mutual hate for each other. The tale of their ancestors and how they were killed lives as a constant reminder to Lillie Mason and Hayden Cassidy that they must be kept apart.… Read More
A new season and an old battle. Whilst still trying to deal with the aftermath of last year, I'm locked in a fight to stay at home. With my future in doubt it looks inevitable that I'm going to fail. A lunatic and a giant football feature. Read More

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Two powerful groups have been locked in a vicious war for centuries: the Stanwick Clan and the P'inaer Flock. Teenager Aubrey Panera is pulled into the world of beings and creatures much like the stories she loves to read and asked to help end the fighting, but how can she?… Read More
For homework I was to create a short story that should have the element of "silence". Meaning things in the story which should be obvious are only slightly hinted or highlighted. See if you can figure out what is happening. Read More
Girls school and boys school. Nadia Russo is sick and tired of Addams; her mortal enemy. When he offers a deal she can't back down from, does she accept? How will it end? After all, he's always been out to get her *SORRY, I'M BAD AT SUMMARIES* Read More
Girls school and boys school. Nadia Russo is sick and tired of Addams; her mortal enemy. When he offers a deal she can't back down from, does she accept? How will it end? After all, he's always been out to get her Read More
I actually have more of this than I have uploaded here. It just kept getting cut off, so I left off a good hunk of the text. This is 17.5 pages out of a 28 page document. Ahah. ...I don't know how to summarize this, even. It's about a kid,… Read More
this is dedicated to all those fighters out their who loose their hope once in a while. Read More
A families feud that sets two soul mates apart from each other with bitter consequences if they don't stay away. (It's really late so I don't even know if this makes sense or not but.... I got bored so I decided to write.) P.S. If you liked it and think… Read More

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Kelly Pitman expected a relaxing weekend only to be kidnapped and delivered to the son of the Vegas, the Pitman's enemy for more than sixty years. More than just revenge is on the horizon. Read More

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Geraldine Hewitt was a nobody. That was the simple thing, she'd always been the freak with the bright red hair that does strange things and was holding her breath at finding out what her life was made for. Geraldine is shocked when she is knocked (almost literally) into a whole… Read More

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Venus Tigera is a sixteen-year-old girl who is forced to fight for her pack, (who she has had no contact with since she was born.) when she is spotted in the forest running. The enemy she is supposed to be fighting is a pack of wild wolves who are dangerous… Read More

Book / Romance

October 20, 2010

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Once you’re caught and thrown into slavery it couldn’t get much worse. Until you lose your freedom and are bought by a haughty, cold, and arrogant teen lord who only wants you for one selfish thing. Could this lead to love? Hardly. Well, maybe, just maybe... (Rating is more PG-13… Read More

Book / Fantasy

August 17, 2010

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Sixteen year old Caitlin O'Connor has been having dreams and daydreams about a boy that seems eerily familiar to her, but she can't think of where she knows him from. Then one day, a boy (named Seamus) mysteriously shows up and vanishes in her 7th hour and appears again at… Read More
A fast pace novel about the trials of four outlawed knights of the Queen. The Queen, who after being imprisoned by the leader of the council is subjugated to torture by a mysterious visitor whose influence appears to be the key force behind spiralling events. It's now a race against… Read More
The hatred of death will push someone to revenge. To take vendetta, she will find out the dirtiest secrets of her living. Read More

Poem / Thrillers

February 04, 2009

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Sad to say but he still lives. Just a little extra help to Atanacio. Enjoy! Read More
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