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A series of heinous crimes draws a mercenary-turned-priest back into the life he thought he left behind in a world long after the end. Read More
A kunoichi goes undercover as a servant to assassinate the head of the Taira Clan, but will her heart get in the way of the mission. Read More
When three young sisters are subjected to an Empress' cruel fits of rage one will take a bloody stand, one will obey without thought, and the other is far too young to understand any of her sisters' actions. Read More
Is a story about how a certain mythical creature came to be hope you like it! Read More
Years ago, the final battle between Light and Dark was fought... and the light was extinguished. Now the world is ruled by darkness, and kingdoms feud endlessly with one another. The Valley of Storms, the homeland of the vampires, is about to become the battleground for a new struggle. As… Read More
My short story is about the life of Kusunoki Mishima, a man who was born towards the end of feudal japan and became a great Samurai. Read More
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