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Originated with my friends as we all wanted to make a series of us as superheroes. I was The Destruction, I was the only one who was excited, I created this story as a prologue. However, I lacked the motivation to write as they quickly grew away from the series.… Read More

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Poem / Poetry

February 16, 2016

Trashes. Read More

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a short story about finding a new home Read More

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Richard, who had been tortured by the Harvesters, is finally on their home planet seeking to end their reign of terror. Read More
The Harvesters tortured Richard. When he escaped they tried to seize him again but the people of Rfuge saved him. Now he is facing five Harvesters in Refuge and takes it as an opportunity. He is determined to reach their planet and stop their evil. Read More
Richard, a survivor of the Harvester's torture puts his deepening relationship with Czu'zell at risk as he tries to find a way of protecting everyone in Refuge and on Earth from any more seizings. Then the beam that brought Richard to Refuge catches others who are being seized by the… Read More
Richard was seized and tortured by the Harvesters. He escaped back to Earth but was seized again. This time he was rescued by the people of Refuge. He has been in his new home for a long time. Long enough he reasons that he can intervene in his friend's community… Read More
Richard was seized by the aliens called the Harvesters. He escaped but was seized again but was rescued by the people of Refuge. It is now his haven/prison because they are locked away from the Harvesters. Now he is confronting the reality he will never return to Earth and his… Read More
Richard was kidnapped by the Harvesters twice but rescued the second time by the people of Refuge. Now he must acclimate in his haven/prison. He is to be "dressed" as everyone else in Refuge. He still dreams of escaping to return to Earth. Read More
Iris Blue, a tale about our bleak future with uncertain outcomes. The main protagonist, Anns, is about to face something never experienced before, a contact no one could have foreseen coming that will shape the evolution of the species and the space-time continuum in itself to a degree that will… Read More
water a precious substance for life scarce with powers bestowed upon them 1 man finds his purpose chasing after his love an childhood friend Meet Dave one of the few survivors from Miralonaz a planet fresh water world Read More
The Social Reality. A Massive Social Network On Which All Of Humanity Lives, Able To Build And Create Their Own Realities - Known As Alternates. However, They Are Under Threat. A Group Calling Itself The Omega Alliance Threatens The Entire Network And Its The Job Of The Reality Protection Force… Read More
Kevin Karloff, one of the few survivors of an eternal plague struggles to survive a life with no guidance, until he is taken in by a group of survivors, and also discovers a more disturbing thing about the plague. A secret that will put him to the ultimate test, and… Read More
Jerry Allen has been the last man on the planet for years. He claims to have a way to travel back in time and fix things; but there's only one issue: are his claims true, or has his time alone driven him completely mad? You decide. Read More

Book / Science Fiction

September 20, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

When sixteen close high school students decide to go party for the night, things take a turn and they end up facing their deaths, one by one. Five brothers. Two teams. Two guns. One's life or the other's. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A book which follows seargent stryker and his men under his command through tours of duty through afghanistan, iraq, and more. Read More
The original true vision of the book, Tiberius Rising by me, Jace Connors. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Dominion Over Reality: the power of God. One who holds this power can create, destroy, and alter anything and everything in the universe. In the summer of 2017, Lucienne leCroire creates the Zero Point Machine, granting its user Dominion Over Reality. The humans are now one step closer to reaching… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Sam's job is to make a record of cultures before the drones come and destroy them. He's supposed to take artefacts, not people. Kias doesn't know what's going on, but there are metal monsters flying around killing people and he doesn't want to be next, even if to live he… Read More
Its a short science fiction poem from the modern world. Read More
Long before Katniss was born, only 25 years after the Hunger Games began, was the first Quarter Quell. That year, to remind the rebels that they are responsible for the Hunger Games, and it is their fault that their children die in the games every year, the districts would vote… Read More
to be content with the end Read More
In a not so far future, a scientist develops a time machine, but he didn't know the consequences his creation could bring. Read More
Two people who hate each other from the core of their heart, come together to finish off a common mistake that, in turn was result of their quest for dominance over the sacred land. Can, they forget their differences and truly see each others pure side?? Read More
After a great Nuclear War, the United Earth Corporation took to building prisons the size of countries. A lost, confused but determined Convict treks the deserts and cities of Area 17, in search of answers, a friend and liberty.... Read More
The Historians were a group of thinkers who documented erasures of history by the government. Read More

Book / Science Fiction

August 20, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Two centuries ago the world was destroyed by a massive bomb. It was unexpected and sudden due to the mass production and push of more powerful nuclear weapons. It forced the survivors to seek shelter in an underground shelter called the Hives. Over the years the surface has evolved into… Read More
Destiny is a Fader, a Time Traveler hired by God to better other people's who's lifes aren't on the greener on the other side. She met each member of 1D when they were younger, and what happens when she sees them again when they're famous? Will they trust her again?… Read More
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