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When being a B+ artist isn't quite enough. Read More
it is story fo making forward in world. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The typical classroom...not Read More

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May 13, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

im at a breaking point... ive come so far but i took a million steps back i fell for you and now there is no turning back... Read More

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16 year-old Maci lives in a world that's split in 2 parts, The courageous and the violent. But there's an unknown force against them and they need team up with the less likely to save the world they live in. Read More

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I had to write a paranormal story for creative writing, so here it is. Don't expect the obvious: "I see dead people" "Little girl is actually a ghost" "Stealing innocence" "revengence." Enjoy and give feed back! Read More
The key was ancient and rusty and almost broke as I turned it in the lock. I had promised to never open that door, but when I took that oath, I had my fingers crossed behind my back. Soon the door swung open and a smell of death went into… Read More
This novel is about a girl who is bought into human trafficking. Read More
A first person/descriptive piece of writing. Read More
this novel represents my owwn feelings and the things i've been through....but the character is different.Angelina's father died and she still could not belive it.... Read More
Okay only partially completed. Basically Stephen Spielberg's War of the Worlds done from a different point of view. Jake Keidel is grounded, confided to his room when storm clouds gather. Soon the electricty goes and a stampede of people are raging passed his house. Within minutes, he is fleeing for… Read More
Assignment for school. We had to write a personal narrative, our character had to witness an execution. It could have been any execution we wanted, I chose a hanging because we saw the hanging from the movie "Capote" in class. When I imagined the setting, I imagined it to be… Read More
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