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MY FICTIONAL REALITY . Life is indeed a blessing, but can also be a curse for someone whose early life goes through a series of heart trembling tragedies. And there was no doubt I was one of the cursed ones, I used to think so. Cursed here doesn't include those… Read More

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June 02, 2019

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The Writing Circle House

Imagine a man who was forced to grow up at a young age and take over his family's company as well. Now imagine the stress that's put onto his shoulders. Take that image and imagine him drinking a bottle of bleach at the age of twenty-four expecting to die but… Read More
This story is based off of a very vivid dream I had. Each character has been renamed, but every person is a real person. Read More
Sometimes, the people you never thought you'd see again come back into your life when you least expect them. But what happens when the person you want to stay in your life tries to cut the bond? While Alexander reunites with Thomas, Amethyst has been building a wall between them.… Read More
What if the dystopian future you were living in wasn't really dystopian? The world truly went through a horrific World War III 27 years ago and individual countries are just trying their best to survive and rebuild. But when Guard commander steps up to lead the U.S. after the war,… Read More
A man and a woman with no names are wandering the streets of their city during war, questioning the worth of the human life in the face of individualism and violence. This story is a human's journey towards redemption through loss and pain. Read More

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A young Atheist boy ends up dying on the streets of NYC from a BAD drug deal. He walks the tunnel and it continues on for eternity, in oblivion, neither Heaven nor Hell. Read More

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Everyone should have a dramatic death scene: Mine is based on the Execution/Freedom Scene from Braveheart. (Mel Gibson - 1995) -- But the funny thing is, I have friends who would throw my blade for me, being a martial Artist/Sword Fighter to honor my passing. Read More

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The Amanda Ashley House

smoke drink run, an appalachian coming of age story. born into rural poverty and surrounded by addiction audum learns to be invisible to survive. when audum discovers the truth about her past she's faced with falling into addiction or confronting her own life. audum endures life with her abusive mother,… Read More
Paige Lemmings is a gifted white wolf with a terrible past. She meets Erik Wolf, her chosen mate and her heart lifts with the hope of a fresh start, but his rejection leaves her broken. She decides to leave her childhood home and find a new life for herself, but… Read More

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May 23, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

Voices echoed as she fell through the endless expanse of darkness. Sad voices. They were crying. It was cold. How long had she been here? Did it matter? She opened her eyes, and amongst the pitch-black darkness she saw a star, it’s brilliant light burning through the nothingness. A beacon… Read More
Southern Injustice is the story of secrets and betrayal in small Southern town focusing on the relationships of five adult cousins. When Alye Martin returns for her cousin's wedding after years of being gone, small town secrets and family skeletons are brought to light. Abuse, racism, and mental illness come… Read More
She is in a very lustful relationship with a man that has her in the throws of passion. Or so she believes. Read More
Bruised and abused,powered by some strange words left by her dead mother, Stella struggles to find reasons to live each day of her life but unknowningly, something hard and way within her power is about to hit her. To suit your suspense craving minds,read on to find out Read More
A Hostel hosted a surprise inspection while some of the students were breaking a few rules. Read More
Tragedies. They are what define us. They make us who we are today. As much as we try, we can never forget them. As hard as we try to avoid it, the past will always catch up to us. Have you ever wondered what would happen if your life,… Read More
This is a rough draft of the first chapter of a YA novel I am writing. I know that it needs a lot of work so I am posting this to receive feedback and constructive criticism. Please let me know what you think! Thank you! The story is about a… Read More
Disappear and never return. That's what she did, but is it enough? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

“I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see.” (John Burroughs) What would you do with a 50-hour day?... Read More
A year after killing his abusive father in order to protect himself and his mother, Jack Walker meets a boy named Simon Bates, whom he eventually falls in love with. The catch? Simon is a demon from the 19th century. Read More
After Katie suffers great loss in her life she wonders if she can find meaning in it all. But her parents taught her resilience. Her strong will and determination allow her to excel in all she undertakes. Taking the job in Crete seems the right move. But is it? Besides… Read More
when something calls to a sleeping evil and resurrects a wrathful entity, it set itself upon the earth, destroying all that stands in its way. jennifer graham's new job as assistant to the editor-in-chief should be a piece of cake until she meets her boss face to face for the… Read More
What do y'all do when the woman ya love is yer sister? Well, raised as yer sister, anyway. Dwayne Nathanial Austin "Roper" to the circuit, knew his sister Bobi-joe was special. He just didn't know HOW special. But the day to day running of two large ranches, one in Wyoming… Read More
After Viceroy Euclid Seya absconds with Vee, the Director of Biological Control, and 150 other humans from the Generational Ketch, Quinn takes the starjet Perilous and convinces Vee's flight crew to mount a rescue. Can three men and one determined android take on the entire Theravadan fleet and the Petavatthu… Read More
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