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Major company Wright Industries is taking the world by storm. Working closely with medical personnel Mr. Wright helps to develop and provide underdeveloped countries with life saving vaccinations and antibiotics. Laine is fresh out of college and looking for a job. She aspires to change the world for the better.… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The Kingdom wavers, the realms are becoming distraught, One time there was such a thing as peace, order, and of course, chaos. The main hero Sagaros is exiled but to an unknown situation. Deep within the spiritual realm his fate knows no bounds as the prophets said. His spirit is… Read More
I walk on the grassy pathway with my head down. My surroundings start to dim as I walk deeper into the forest of willow trees. I cluth my bag to my chest and walk past the groups of fairies walking towards me and hope they don't notice me. I failed… Read More
What awaits us on the other side? Read More
Read the story that got me dumped by a publisher. Like it or leave it, I told Astrid's story the way I wanted to. ;) Read More
Memories are mere objects, ripe for trade...or even theft. 250 years ago, humanity invented a cure for Alzheimer's, however it would also be their greatest undoing. The resulting pandemic created a world in which most of the population can no longer create memories after a certain age. In a society… Read More
This poem was inspired by the Darkman movies. Read More
In 1918 the USS Cyclops vanished, 306 people vanished with it. Now its back, and a lone survivor isn't the only thing that came back with it... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Adopting a son when you're so busy with work is already a miracle in itself. But what happens when the son isn't human? [Still thinking of change the title but maybe not???] Read More
Not a lot of people bought flowers anymore. "Ding! Came the jingling of bells by the door, the noise echoing throughout the quiet room. She felt herself inhale sharply and glanced up." Cover art © by Yaoyao Ma Van As Read More
Its a really short story about a young man called Xenith who is having nightmares about his city. The unpredictable happens to him. Read More
Short story about a young adult hearing voices in his head. Read More
Layla: name meaning wine, intoxication, night, or dark beauty. Amani: name meaning desires, aspirations, wishes. Together, it's madness. Loosely inspired by the story of Layla and Majnun, a tragically beautiful Persian love story akin to that of Romeo and Juliet, with a complete and utter modern twist on the same… Read More
The Nol galaxy is home to a host of races, from the divine Ciesites and godlike Marakians, to a multitude of mundane colony plants. As the galaxy enters another era peace under the guidance of the galactic union, some conflicts persist. Ancient enemies from the dark realm still plague the… Read More
Living in the fast lane is getting kind of lonely. You're born with numbers on your wrist; the years left in your life. When it turns to 0, you're a walking time bomb. All rights reserved © 2019 M. W. Read More
Inspired by the Smokey and the Bandit movies. Read More
The short story follows along 3 protectors of earth and a greedy and clever man. Read More

Book / Romance

February 20, 2019

The Grotto is a more of an adult based book. This read has mentions of alcohol, drinking, smoking, and some other triggering factors. I recommend you don't read this if you are triggered by these things or read under supervision. This story follows a teen boy, Marco, going through the… Read More

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An Urban Fantasy that was among the 20 semi-finalists in The 2019 Screw Turn Flash Fiction Competition Read More
Gideon Atwell continues his training to be a heroic Exemplar, but this time, things aren't quite so simple. With the recent attack on the Ivy League, Dani Payton continues to be in danger of the Rogue who successfully kidnapped her last November and what's worse, he's gone on killing streaks… Read More

Book / Literary Fiction

February 19, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

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The Booksie Classic House

Five hundred and four years into the rule of the Preminan dynasty warfare has broken out across the nation of Haratak. Chaos and bloodshed are widespread as lords fight lords, families attempt to rise above the warfare, and cunning officials and brave men and women look to distinguish themselves in… Read More
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