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This is a story within a story and I have adopted the format of Arabian Nights Read More

Short Story / Romance

May 01, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

A man standing in a dune pan, at the end of solo bike ride, watching a couple dancing in the surf of the ocean Read More

Tags: love, fiction, despair

This contains explicit content. For 18+ only This is a fictional story consisting of fantasy about sex Read More
La Profumeuse By Mohamed Failali ISBN : 978-9920-39-199-3 2020 I was going to print this book. Because of the sanitary confinement, I published it as an e-book. Everyone has a book within. I invite you to write your book and publish it for free on the internet. Your knowledge might… Read More
The Milk Toast is a twisty, two-act play about a sad, pathetic man's missing wife. Read More
Trigger warning! This does have a dead body in it, as well as someone freezing to death. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Jamie Grant's at a party and sees the most beautiful girl ever. What would he do if he had the chance to be alone with her? Read More
A story about how a girl overcame her greatest challenge from being tortured. Read More

Tags: fiction, suspense

Looking for love? Please look elsewhere. Read More
Dr. Hania is chased by a stalker. She takes refuge in the house of her college's dean. But is she safe? Or the secret she has discovered will take her life? Read More

Tags: fiction, crime, action

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The Romance House

A chance meeting of two strangers during a Pandemic Read More
A story I enjoyed making. I had the original reviewed to improve it, (still isn’t perfect) so here is V2. Circus themed with a meaning underneath; created with memories twisted to form words... Read More
Reaching a clearing in the middle of the forest, she spotted a small gathering of people of nearly all ages. They were all gathered around what could be thought of as a bonfire. But what made her heart stop and tears well up and spill over wasn’t the fire or… Read More
What happens when a poor 15 y.o. girl living in desolate city finds a futuristic device that has the ability to whisk her away into the depths of her imagination? Is this the escape she has been waiting for? Or is it all too good to be true? There's only… Read More

Book / Fantasy

April 17, 2020

Peter an unsuspecting kid is dragged into a war between worlds, he must find his destiny and put a stop to the destruction of all life on earth. Read More
Most of the population has vanished mysteriously and you need to survive in a school full of people trying to kill you. Survival of the fittest is the only thing you will come to know. Factions plotting against each other, betrayal, loyalty and death. Read More
The jerk cost me my job. He had to pay and pay dearly Read More
Two Galaxies fell in love. Eight planets were born legitimately. Earth ruled the galaxy. It was time for a new ruler to ascend the throne of the galaxy. War broke out. Who won? Who become the next ruler of the galaxy, Juve or Cosmos? This story will intrigue as you… Read More
How I met my 1st husband. Read More

Tags: fiction, erotia

Two men, Bobby and Ralo, lifelong friends from the neighborhood, sit and talk by the riverway they've adopted as their favorite drinking place. Bobby chooses to be a working man, while Ralo took to the streets. Read More
Two young black men from the South, Boss, the brains of the operation, and Tummy, his portly Brother-in-law, have ventured into the illegal business of smuggling narcotics across state lines. Boss dreams of opening up his own Jazz cafe' someday. Tummy pledges to help Boss achieve his dream in hopes… Read More
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