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This is an emotional story about the internal war with sports. Read More
A poem following a person who suffers with their mental health, and battles through their day to day life to revive their creativity. Read More
I’ve never written anything before. This is just me after I tried to describe how I was feeling today. Read More
A story about a girl named Avery who battles many different struggles and trials while stuck in her fearful box. She fights many different lies but the one she always ends back at is “you could end this all in one choice." Read More
Mandy tells her coworker more details of her time in a cult. Read More
Tim takes on Dr. Smith in a cryptid competition! Also: Sophia and Tay have a cage match for the love of Bill Gates! Read More
If an astronaut got into a fight with a caveman, who do you think would win? Read More
Colour King and Challenger make a decision. Due this decision, Crayon and his friends fight alongside Colour King and his officials against the Bear in a giant fight. Read More
Your love is the best. My poem. Read More
Two unlikely souls pair up but one isn't sure of coupling. They fight and love and fight and get high and fight some more. Their apartment is chaos. One was a poet and the other a budding writer. The budding writer had no idea what he meant to his partner.… Read More
I take two characters from two different companies or franchises and see who would win in a fight to the death! (Kind of like Death Battle) Read More
The semifinals happen with two intense fights. Read More
Crayon and his friends continue fighting alongside Colour King's officials against Colourik, Malicia and Bear members. Read More
Short story about new kids moving into the neighborhood and a dirt clod war erupting. Read More

Tags: war, fight, kids

The tournament officially starts with the Round of 16. Crayon and his friends end up fighting against people. Read More
Based on Norse mytholody. Ragnarök is very close... Read More

Tags: fight, forest, ragnark

Crayon and his friends are training for a tournament that they are entering. Read More
Brett has challenged Crayon and his friends to the death. Read More

Poem / War and Military

September 01, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

A sacrifice that a Soldier makes to keep us safe it's more than enough and this poetry reveals this truth. Read More

Tags: war, fight, gun, soldier

How can we conquer ourselves and how to face every storm. This memoir is nothing but a hint to be strong. Read and enjoy. Read More
King Bobby has demanded justice against Crayon and his friends for refusing to fight in the war. Read More
Crayon and his friends have been invited on a vacation but it is not what it seems. Read More
Crayon and his friends fight alongside officials of Colour King against Bear members and two new criminals. Read More
When cancer comes back... Read More

Book / Fantasy

May 21, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

A mysterious man breaks criminals out of jail. Crayon and his friends must work with Colour King's advisors to deal with these people. Read More
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