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Having lived a rough and gruesome life, Selena dies without ever experiencing true peace and will continue to suffer as the afterlife she was thrown into is Hell. However, Selena has grown tired of going through such misery and she seeks to gain a second chance in order to live… Read More
This is a story about "the great emu war", again the characters ARE NOT REAL! This is explaining Pedro's dad Charles from my other book "The boy who wanted to play soccer". I will now shout out Oversimplified where I learned about the facts of this miniwar. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read More

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In this story, a girl reives various notes at random times. She must either listen to them or ignore them. Please let me know what you think of the story. I hope to post more soon! Read More
A story about Male bonding, friendship and a good bar fight Read More

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Story of a young woman fighting addiction Read More

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This is a four chapter, short novella Draconus: A dragon tale Anders Bergesson is a Sicarii, a Dragonslayer, hired by the Guild Meisters of a small village, to rid them of a terrible fire breathing Dragon that resides in the nearby Rotwood Swamp. ***** Now featuring a new alternative ending*****… Read More
He is trying to go home. Where is he really going? Where does he want to go? Read More
Two men finally meet in a long awaited match. Dangerous men have a lot riding on the outcome and one of the competitors might be put in a dangerous situation. Read More
Dwarves and elves are at war and the war must be settled by Dakken. Read More
Humans have discovered the universe and the magic. This race has been split into two: The Mages and the Warriors. Years and years in the future, the pure humans have disappeared but from them evolved a big variety of races. And from the Human Mages appeared a race called Crysta,… Read More
This is a simple story on how two people from very different places in the economy system come together to save their people from the threat of war. Read More
This story takes place after Savage Storm and somehow was not posted before, so here it is now. A secondary villain from the previous story becomes the main focus as he tries to take hold of the city of Willoway Bay. Read More
i posted the beginning of the book earlier. here is the last chapter and epilogue. much better writing in my opinion for myself. now i just got to fill in the middle lol Read More
A Cursed Princess who must find her place in a world full of Evil and become a hero! This story will be updated chapter by chapter, so stay tuned! All work is original and belongs to me, some characters that I don't own are used with permission (They belong to… Read More
The following is a small action scene that takes place in a story I am currently writing. As I have never written anything involving a fight like this, I upload it here in the hope that someone might be able to give me some constructive criticism on the scene. Regardless,… Read More
With mystery and magic rampant throughout the world and societal rebuilding close to home, a young woman has obstacles in her own life to overcome. Left without parents and honor-bound to care for her younger siblings, Lauren turns to a less subtle way of making ends meet. Finding herself plunged… Read More
A short story about Alvar Avery and Owen James. Read More
You never saw her struggling to escape in this stew. A young broken girl, fighting her demons on her own. Read More
This is the second short story in the series of The Life of Dues. Dues meets his old friend Junie and helps him to save his people who have been suffering from an evil plague. Please leave any comments that you feel like sharing. All opinions are welcome. Read More
What is the best super-power in the world? Arguably, it's the power that let's you sleep for as long as you want! Alan Hall, a cold, sociopathic teenager discovers his new abilities and doesn't know what to do with them. Will he become a villan, or change and become a… Read More

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Free-verse Read More

Book / Romance

April 09, 2019

They said you had to be the princess. Read More
Argdel has chosen between love and family. Now she has to face the consequences of said decision. Can Argdel survive the wrath of her powerful and highly vengeful grandmother, Eriagda, and her brother? Read More
This story is set during the medieval ages where individuals have magical capabilities. The current setting is set during a quadrennial war between two nations. This story revolves around a veteran's journey way home and conveys how the consequences of his actions during the war take place at his home.… Read More
In a world taken over by the Superiors where only killers have a hope of rescue. Marty is the rare survivor. Marty doesn't kill. Marty has been chosen to go in the Out There. An arena with no survivors. A place where anything can happen. Watch Harry Potter meet Hunger… Read More

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Ethan doesn't know what he's getting himself into, when he gets taken with his friend Natalia from school. There is a deeper cause, a deeper problem, and a deeper secret. Read More
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