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Bittersweet memories from my mostly unhappy childhood. And not necessarily in chronological order. Read More

Book / Romance

April 05, 2019

They say the way has just begun. --- A spine-chilling thriller with suspense, mystery, and just the sprinkle of romance. Read More
In the year 2018 people started to gain some sort of superpower. Who ever got it was random and you could never know. In the public eye they saw these people as dangerous. Until a few years later when people started to respect it. People with either in awe or… Read More
This is the first of the Zodiac book series im starting. Hope you enjoy. When a old man called for me He didn't make sense. He said I played a larger role somewhere else. He said they'll help me. That I'll also help them. Only now do i understand what… Read More
A story about a Princess who lost her kingdom to an unbeatable power. She's now on the quest to gather a stronger army to fight this unholy creature to safe mankind. Along with her are the last two surviving soldiers from her father's army. Read More
It's a story of a couple who never thought they will be together ever but when fall for each other they never wish to be seperate ever. Read More
Adelynn is the mate of the U.S.'s Biggest pack and the mate of a killer. "I'm Dustin. Alpha of CrescentMoon Pack." His husky voice made me have an urge to kiss him, but Dustin was the Alpha of the biggest pack in the U.S. "Mon Amour raise… Read More
What was the early inhabitant of your universe like? Read More
It's a sweet love fight when they miss each other. Read More

Tags: love, fights, miss-you

Poem / Humor

July 22, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

It's not so much THAT we fight so much as WHAT we fight about... and in the end, we realize that trying to continue to fight loses focus on the true problem. Am I really better than you? Read More
Something that happened to me in real life. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Whatver we say, it's always love that makes us rise again and again. Read More
Jade Edwards wasn't exactly the kind of girl who stuck to rules. Whilst 6 feet deep with a zombie apocalypse, everyone has gotta stay in line to survive which meant Jade had to listen to Cato, the camp's mini leader. All until they save someone who might just save them… Read More
After a fight with her boyfriend, Kat is getting ready to leave. But something stands in her way. Read More
Not your ordinary Vampire story. Something I've been working on recently. I know it needs work but it's a start. (I wrote this during my high school career and was going through a lot at the time. I apologize for any mistakes or twisted darkness you may find) Read More
Leon was a killer, he had never had any trouble killing anyone for his master that was until he met Evelyn Monroe who turned out to be his soulmate. Evelyn Monroe had always been abused by her abusive father until she decided to run away from him only to meet… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

John and his wife are concerned about their son's behavior and his habit for getting into fights. John, who was known as Bear-Claw, decides to talk to him and help him understand that this won't be good for him later on down the road. Read More
The things u do in Your Own life pisses some people off even if they love you there back will turn once your funds and use come to an end. Love is dead to me Read More
Marianna Stone has been a slave since she was four years old. So when she is taken out of slavery not by a man but by a demon what will happen when she starts to fall for him? After being ejected from Hell for performing the most 'mortal' of sins… Read More
Another free-written and edited short story. Fight in an old dojo. I don't know what else is going on, you can decide for yourself. Have no idea what genre this falls under, I originally put humour but I don't think it's funny enough for that. Read More

Tags: short, fights, karate

The second episode of the main character's story. It is about how he met the leader of the revolution syndicate and what actions did the group take in order to gain power. In the end the main character made a decision to join the group. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

What happens when superhuman Jay meets superspy Mathew? When a new villian threatens the safety of both heroes and all those they love? Will they stop trying to kill each other long enough to save the world from absolute Anarchy? (McKnight wrote Jay's POV and I wrote Mathew) Read More
I once dated a girl from Chicago I swore she was my princess. She was really the death of me. But this is the story of how we ended. Read More
I wrote this, in 2008. It's part of my 2nd lyric set, Illuminated Shadows. Read More
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