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A young boy and his mum watches a series of films in a parallel universe. In a world without radios. Read More
“Emperor, king, general, duke,” he whispered to himself. “These are just labels. Climb up the family tree of any of them high enough and you’ll find a commoner who dared to take a chance.” ? Ken Liu, The Grace of Kings A young man, DAVID (24) from a small… Read More
A moment in time passes between a frustrated writer and his imaginary friend, the steel armoured kangaroo, Hector. Read More
The one thing about the film 'Pulp Fiction' that I wish would have happened differently. Read More
Amazing International Animation Film Festival taking place in Annecy from 9-14 June 2014 Read More
This article of mine was published in 'Hindu in school' I know that everyone loves films. But have we ever wondered if such films develop us ? We are crazy fanatics of a number of so-called heroes, but do we do the same to scientists? Read More

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A brief movie review of the Bill Condon film, based on the rise of Wikileaks and Julian Assange. Read More

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Three young actors accidentally stumble upon fame with their hit movie "The Actor." However, not all of them are ready to accept the fame. Read More

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Looking at them as a whole, with all of their reversible fun of characters meeting themselves and changing lives, the most interesting part of it is still how the characters can change personality wise according to circumstance and situation. Marty’s mother is a drunken housewife who, completely and utterly resigned… Read More
hey! wanna try this competition? the prizes are pretty good, and your guaranteed to enjoy it! choose one piece of music from the list as inspiration and see where it takes you.... Read More

Poem / Poetry

November 02, 2011

Nictophobia - fear of night. And no, there aren't monsters under your bed. Read More
Just a little poem thing i did while bored. Read More
My views on films/movies since the silent age up to date. Read More
just a quick review of the iron giant Read More
Eliza has never had luck with guys. To start with, her best friend is the ‘player’ of the school, her brother is the jerk quarterback and the guy she is in love with - Finley Suds - the hottest movie star of 2011. When Eliza meets Finley in the mall… Read More

Book / Mystery and Crime

March 24, 2011

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Product Description "Do you know the bear that always appears on television when there's a forest fire, Smokey, that's his name. Well, the story becomes more than a cartoon, when two guys who commit arson actually get to meet Smokey in person. But, when the two finally see this bear… Read More
lucas davenport a famous 21 year old actor who comes from a acting legacy of great oscar winning actors has finally had enough, born into wealth and fame he has never seen the real world or felt real life. After yet another premiere he finds himself alone in his hotel… Read More
Writing about the background of the predecessor to mediums such as television and the Internet is a great category to write about. Read More
My review of Charlie and Boots, starring Paul Hogan, Shane Jacobson and Morgan Griffin. Read More
Me Likey reviewing things! My review of eight movies not worth wiping poop off your shoe. Read More
It is a wholesome treat - chiller, comedy, drama. What else could you ask for. Read More

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This beautiful Special Edition 13 x 10 - 130 glossy pages, hardcover book captures Barack Obama's character distinctions for success and the impact they have had on the world. Bobbi Miller-Moro inspired to document her personal transformational story from Republican to Democrat. The twenty-seven Lessons highlighting President Barack Obama’s model… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

this is a plea for help from the public from me, joseph lebow. it will be (I hope) linked to other material, other media, elsewhere Read More
After Arabella's little outburst the rest of the protectors are in mayhem. Read More
A review of one of the most underated splatter films of the 1980's. Read More

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