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Short Story / Romance

January 03, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

A couple goes through wedding day stress, and then some. Read More
The Goddess Fiona the Great keeper of Balance in all worlds senses darkness in the planet of Gaia. Darkness even the Goddess herself can not foresee, being from the world she fears another will gain the power she has. She sends her only born Daughter to meet the threat, Cherish… Read More
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Fiona had the time of her life as she was a child. She had the perfect friends up until the day she had to leave her childhood and move into the real world. Having to leave her best friend was the hardest thing she had ever done. Would she be… Read More
I would not draw you Fiona. I would not draw you in paper. This is because whenever I try to draw you, I fall down unconscious thinking of your beauty, before I complete your exquisite drawing... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I still remember everything. The way he was sweet to me when we first met. The way his lips felt when they brushed against mine during our first kiss. The way he promised he would never hurt me. The way he was such a liar. How could I ever forget… Read More
Heaven I heard is going to freezing cold. So please carry some blankets and please do not bring any heavy luggage Fiona darling (other than your teddy bear and your make-up kit and few pillows, to speak of) do not any bring heavy luggage, I repeat... Read More
Everything in this world.. Everything in Heaven, Every single bit.. Mine and Ours More thoughts---More Illusory Fiona Dreams Read More

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Part 4 is up..Please rate and comment.. Read More
Part 3 posted...third stage of my dreams with Fiona..gets more intense.. Read More
When Melissa comes to stay with Fiona trouble ensues. Melissa is an only child with a mother dedicated to mothering. Fiona's mother has four children, a building-site for a home and a business to run. When Melissa comes to stay she quickly realises that her position in the centre of… Read More
CheetahBear's Challenge: Fiona Hamilton has never gotten over her sister Dinah's deat. But when a camping trip falls in her path, who knew that it could change her life forever..........? Read More
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